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        A fair review in my opinion, clearly pointing out the capabilities and limitations of each.

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          A fair review, a rarity indeed.  Identifies  strengths, limitations, potential buyers of each without resorting to what passes for clever wit these days. This review could serve as a template for a broad spectrum of products.

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              The biggest problem is that this review actually rates the iPad too high in my opinion for multimedia.  There are still too many web videos you can't play on the iPad.  I recently returned my Galaxy Tab 7 plus and was looking for a replacement.  Many of the sites I can watch video on my netbook and even the little Galaxy can't play on the Ipad.


              What good does a fantastic screen do if you can't play ALL the video available on the web.  Don't get me wrong, I like the iPad better than the NT but it isn't the ultimate media device everyone says it is.  I will probably get another Galaxy Tab 7 plus when they go on sale again (only returned mine for wifi problems and BB said the exchange unit would only have the return period from the orignal puchase date which would have left me only 1 day!).


              There is definitely room for 7" devices when they are priced right.

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              The updated nook app for retina screen is out. Very, very nice. Text is sharper and magazine photos are stunning. It's nice to have a screen that is close to the size of a hardcover but I won't be giving up my Nook as nothing beats it for a portable reading device.