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    Nook Color Not Turning On

      I'm having a bit of a problem with my NOOK Color. It has not been turning on even though I hold down the power button. It will turn on occasionally, but I'll just tell the story first since it only happened a couple days ago.


      Every night I leave my NOOK in the charger since it's usually at 60% when I get ready for bed. I go to school on weekdays and I like it fully charged. However on sunday night, at 10:00, it was already at 100% because I didn't use it. So I left it without the charger all night(it wasn't powered off, but left on stand-by. Which I usually do), woke up at 6:00 on monday, went to school, tried to turn it on around 9:40 and it wouldn't turn on. So when I got home at about 2:40, I put my nook in the charger because I assumed it was out of battery, which I thought was strange but I didn't question it. When I connected it to the charger, the N symbol switched from green to yellow for a couple seconds then my NOOK turned on. The charge was at 93% so I was a little confused. I didn't charge it all day because it was already charged pretty decently. On Tuesday morning(today), at 6:40 AM I pressed the power button on my NOOK and it was working perfectly. So I put it on standby and went to school, but when I tried turning it on again around 9:00, it won't turn on. The NOOK seems to turn on when I put it in the charger, but I only did that once since today is the second day it happened. Since it also was working fine this morning I'm confused as to why it isn't working now.


      I hope that's a good explanation. I'd appreciate any help.

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          Rukia519 wrote:

          I'm having a bit of a problem with my NOOK Color. It has not been turning on even though I hold down the power button. [...]

          Have you tried the long-press of the power button twice? What commonly happens is that the device is "on" in standby, but the screen doesn't wake up. The first long-press (20+ seconds) turns it truly "off", the 2nd turns it back on for a reboot.


          It sounds like you're experiencing the "sleep of death" symptom. Next time it happens, try taking it in a dark room to see if there's a soft glow. Have you rooted or are you running alternate firmware?


          Don't worry too much. The hardware and battery seem sound. You may have to do a reset at worst to fix it. The NC is a pretty robust device.