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    Why is my book STILL processing???

      Does anyone from B&N customer support even look at this board?? I'm inclined to think they don't considering both the questions/concerns i've posted on here haven't been addressed.  Neither have the e-mails I sent.  If I had known B&N had this many problems processing novels for sale, I never would have uploaded here.  Words cannot express how frustrated I am.  It should not take 2 WEEKS to process one novel!  What is going on?  Someone please address this problem!



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          I know how you feel.  I've been waiting for 2 weeks as well.  My book says processing and has since I uploaded it.  Sent two e-mails, got a reply and today sent a follow up e-mail to see if anything has happened.  I'd like to know if it's something with them, something I did, something!  Anything!

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            Apparently there is no support at PubIt!, just an automated email answering machine that keeps saying "we are actively working ... blah balah blah...". This is embarassing, to say the least, for a company like B&N.

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              My novel has been processing for several days, but I know the system wasn't working after I uploaded it. It never gave me a chance to preview and the upload was awfully quick. The same thing happened on a short story that finally did get published and the file preview showed it empty of graphics or text. I've just reloaded it and am waiting. Has anyone tried resubmitting it through "Add Title" under the same name?

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                Haven't tried that.  I finally did get a response to my e-mail after i threatened to bad mouth B&N on the internet.  They basically said, "we're sorry for your problems and are working to resolve the issue.  your book should be for sale within 48 hours."  that was like 4 days ago.  Still not very confident they'll fix the problem.

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                  I can empathize with the processing issue and lack of customer support. I have had a book 'processing' for over 3 weeks with no response to two emails. I asked a formatting question that was "forwarded to technical support" for an answer which has yet to come. Add to these four other questions asked via email that have gone unanswered and it shows a definite lack of customer support.


                  However, I am extremely happy when the system does work. Most of the time a book I upload in the morning is on sale by that evening! That's fantastic.


                  With all the irritations I'm still enjoying this to working with Kindle

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                    While my first book went from submission to for sale in about four days, the subsequent four novels have been stuck in limbo for almost a month.  When I inquired at the ten day mark, I got a generic email asking me to be patient and wait the "full 72 hours." Also a direction to look for emails explaining problems with my submission.


                    Well, no emails and the 3.5 weeks I've waited so far certainly exceed 72 hours.  The books are successfully on sale at both iBooks and Amazon where I sell in the hundred of copies monthly, but I strongly believe in diversified markets so, despite the lower royalty here, I wanted to make the books available for Nook, too.


                    All emails since then have gone unanswered from pubit@bn.com.


                    These are all books that have print editions, one of which was on the New York Times bestseller list and had a major motion picture made from it.  I just happen to control the ebook rights for these novels so am ePubbing them myself.


                    Does anyone have a different contact methodology to reach someone who can actually tell me something?


                    Steven Gould



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                      Has anybody gotten their books finished with the processing process?  I uploaded on 11/12/10 two books and so far no luck with processing.  I have called the BAN number, sent emails to pubit@bn.com but still no answers.  I don't know if it something I did wrong in the upload, or if they are overwhelmed with submissions and their equipment breaks down.  Would appreciate some answers.

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                        Mine's been processing for several weeks.  They finally repsonded to my e-mail and said the problem should be fixed within a few days.  That was over a week ago.  Who knows?  I'm just about ready to give up on this.  My book went live on Kindle in 2 days.

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                          I've had the same problem, although never had it processing for the length of time anyone on here has. What worked for me though was simply turning off the wifi and disconnecting altogether; waiting a few seconds, and then connecting again. Both times my order went through without a hitch after previously sitting in limbo saying "processing." Might want to at least give it a shot since I did have success with it.