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    please reinstall ability to shelved searched ebooks!!!

      I've had ereaders for a few years now and am a prolific reader. I collect lots of freebies plus purchase books to read. I have a variety of interests so they cover a wide range of subjects. My free books library has gotten huge!!! I may never get to read them all, but I'd like to be able to find them when I get to them. Between my BN library and my sideloaded ebooks, there are almost 6000 ebooks to shelve. Admittedly, many are books that I owned as DTBs and I've replaced them with ebooks to free up some of the clutter around the house.


      It took me about an hour just to go through the entire library for the very first shelf (for my arts and crafts pdfs and epubs) and I only have about 25-30 of them. Another hour to do the same to find my 10 cookbooks. At least the kids books were already shelved by BN, Another hour for my comic books (30 of them). Another hour for my biographies (only 10). And then I lost them all. All those hours to shelve less than 100 ebooks and then it was all gone.


      I did go through the whole process again for my craft books, but not really willing to do it again for the rest of them until TWO things are fixed. One, that the shelves don't disappear on me. TWO, that I can do a search to find all the books I'm wanting to shelve in one much shorter list and be able to shelve them from the list. It doesn't matter if I know the name of a book and do a search for it, I can't then shelve it unless I go back and go through the entire list of books till I get to it again. Even if it takes me an hour to get to it. That is just ridiculous!!


      The only bright spot was that after the first time, I could only search either the BN library OR my sideloaded ebooks at one time. I knew all my craft books were in the sideloaded area and that cut down on a couple 1000 books I had to wade thru to find them.


      Can we at least be able to shelve searched books from the search list? Please?????? And then keep them shelved? Please? My HD+ has started gathering dust because it's just easier to pick up the NC or NST to read with.