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    Why my UltraViolet movies work on barnesandnoble.com, but not my NOOK HD?

      I have a number of movies that on the B&N website, they say they are UltraViolet supported, and I own them, and I can even plan them from my account from the B&N website, but on my NookHD they keep saying unsupported.


      No amount of library refresh seems to help. 


      Despicable Me 2 is an example:



      Any ideas?


      Thank you,


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          Try viewing through the Flixster app. There are a bunch of threads on viewing UV movies on the forum. Do a search for them (or wait for Laurieb to get online to walk you through your options.)
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            I've found that movies (a) which were in your UV library when you linked your Nook HD and (b) were *not* supported for UV by Nook Video at that time, will continue to show up as "unsupported" on the Nook HD even *AFTER* the movie receives UV support in Nook Video.  (The Nook Video library has numerous linking issues with UV, which are constantly being fixed by B&N.)  I have nine movies (just increased from five) that still show up as "unsupported" on my Nook HD even though they currently *ARE* supported by BN.com *and* the Nook Video apps for iOS & Android.


            Even though it's clear that the Nook HD is *not* loading updates from "unsupported" to "supported" from the online Nook Video library, it appears the *only* way around this (short of using Flixster, etc.) is to either (a) unlink Nook Video from UV and then relink (not certain to work *and* may mess up future UV updates), or (b) erase & deregister the Nook HD (reinstall all apps, etc.)  The "refresh" option doesn't fix this; it only adds new UV titles.  The only "delete" option in the Nook HD's Movies & TV library deletes the movie *forever*; the ONLY way to reverse that is to erase & deregister.  Is there any way that B&N can update the Nook HD's software so that "unsupported" Nook Video titles can be refreshed *without* resorting to "nuclear" options like unlink & relink or erase & deregister???

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                Update:  I just unlinked my UV library from the UV website, then linked it again from my Nook HD; the nine titles that had previously been "unsupported" from my Nook HD, but supported at BN.com and my Nook Video apps, finally imported.  (The original "unsupported" entries were still in my library, but once you have good entries the old ones can be safely deleted.)  This appears to be the safest workaround that will clean up the Nook HD/HD+ library till B&N can fix the actual update process.


                This involves multiple steps:


                A.  Unlink Nook Video from UV (Must be done from the UV website, which is extremely flaky.)


                1. Go to www.uvvu.com and log in if needed.
                2. If you just logged in, you should now be on the Dashboard page; click the "User Settings" button under Settings.  (If you were already logged in, go to "My Account" at upper right and click "Settings".)
                3. If you have multiple users on your UV account, click the appropriate user at top.  Then, scroll down to "Linked Services" and click the down-arrow by it.
                4. Scroll further down to the Nook Video entry and click "Unlink" by it.
                5. Scroll to the very bottom and click "Save Changes" (will NOT unlink till you do this).
                6. Wait for confirmation.  If it tells you there was an error, repeat the steps using a different browser.  (Just now it failed with Chrome, but worked with IE; I've seen it do just the opposite at times.)

                B.  Relink Nook HD/HD+ to UV (Though linking can also be done from BN.com, I recommend you do it from your Nook HD/HD+ to assure the actual refresh step takes place.  It's best to hold your Nook HD/HD+ vertically while doing this; otherwise you may not be able to see the full UV signin page.)


                1. Tap the upper-right corner of your Nook HD/HD+ screen, then choose All Settings.
                2. Choose Account Settings on the left, then UltraViolet on the right.  From the pop-up, choose Sign In.
                3. Log in with your UV username & password; leave the two checkboxes as is.  The refresh icon should appear at the top.

                C.  Clean Up Duplicates in Library


                1. Try to clear the refresh icon (tap it, tap elsewhere to retract it, then tap it again and tap the icon to clear the tray).  If it doesn't clear immediately, wait for it to go away.
                2. Go back to your Movies & TV library and look for old "Unsupported" icons and their replacement "NEW" icons.  (Hint:  If your sort order is "Most Recent", both should be at the bottom of the page, with the "NEW" ones ahead of the "Unsupported" ones.  Other titles that are still "Unsupported" are in the top part with those that were previously supported.)
                3. Once you've verified that the film's "NEW" icon is there, long-press its "Unsupported" icon, then choose "Delete".  Tap "OK" to the warning that you are deleting it permanently.