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    My Nook HD touch screen stopped responding.

      I was using my nook, turned it off to do a few things - came back to it about an hour later, and the touch screen no longer worked. I got it turned off by holding the power button for a while. I charged it, thought it was over halfway charged. I cleaned the screen. I tried again and still, touch screen would not respond.


      I've tried the "tricks" of holding the up volume button and power button - nad that does reboot it. Still, the screen does not work.


      I've tried holding the "n" button and power button. All that does it shut it off. And still nothing.


      In order to take the battery out of this thing you have to carefully remove the faceplate, then use a special (tiny star) screwdriver to remove a bunch of screws, in order to get the back off to get to the battery. Almost as if the makers don't want you fixing it youself. So until I get a tiny screwdriver that will work - does anyone have any other ideas?