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    Deleting Apps

      Is there a way to delete an app?  I have a couple that I don't like & want to get rid of.

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          You can not directly delete an app from the Nook Color. You can archive the app and remove it from the app listing on the Nook Color. Just hold your finger on the app icon until the pop-up menu appears, then select the 'Archive' option.


          You need to access "My Account" on BN.com. Go to 'My Library' and from the listing of the items on your Nook Color with each item listed you can archive, unarchive or delete any item. The one exception is the sample cookbook included in the OS update.

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            unable to delete a game app- asked in white box on grayed out area if I am sure then does not give any way to respond? or to delete the app is twitch arcade