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    Bluetooth Camera?

      I just got my HD+ today after being very happy with Nook Color.  It's great to access the Google Play store, and seeing we get a Google+ app, I was wondering if we could use our android cellphone cameras via Bluetooth for Google+ Hangouts?  Not neccessary, but it would be great!

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          Interesting Question. I have seen people pair up stuff via Bluetooth with Nook HD/HD+ but not an Android Phone.


          I'm not sure how it would work. So the Phone would stream video and Nook would run the main Hangout?

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            Right.  I believe this is just what we need.....a bluetooth camera to connect to HD+   That would be sooooo coooool.  It would give amazing flexibility in placing the camera to take in scenery etc.  If anyone knows about a bluetooth cam that would work with the HD+ I'm in!