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    No dictionary?

      When looking up a word in th e reader, it tells me that there isn't one. But the settings says its there. Any ideas?
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          The dictionary is built in and works within ebooks. If you want to look up a word in an ebook, tap and hold on the word, and the option to look up the meaning pops up.


          If you want to look up a word while not in an ebook, you'll need to download one of the dictionary apps.

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            It.'s workiing essentially like before.  However, when you depress on the word the selection bar is like enlaged but you can still select "Look Up" and it works.  A bar pop up and selections of "Highlight, Note, Lookup etc."  

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              I'm having this same problem. Says there is no dictionary when I try to look up a word but when I go into reader settings there is a dictionary set for the reader. Very frustrating especially since I don't want to do a reset and have to redo all my apps and shelves.