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        Medialink's beaut of a router works like a charm for me:



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          I played around with the settings in my wrt160N linksys router until I could connect. I think all that I did that actually worked was to change the channels from 'auto' to one specific channel. in the router setup web page that is under wireless--basic wireless settings--standard channel. I used channel 8.

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            Model/Brand: Linksys WRT54G

            Firmware: v1.02.8

            Encryption: WEP 64 bit

            Other info: G-only (2.4GHz) wireless mode, SSID broadcast on

            Remarks: This is a 5 year old router.  No connectivity problems with NC 1.1.0 or 1.2.0.  Did have a problem with slow downloads at times, not only with nook but also with computer and other devices ... fixed by upgrading to latest firmware for this HW version.


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              I might have found something while attempting to figure out why my CN will not connect to my router suddenly after this latest patch of 1.2 I beleive. When I look upon my DHCP list on router I notice an entry android- [and a series of numbers and NON-ASCII characters]. I cross referenced the MAC id associated with this non-compliant hostname and it is in fact my ColorNook. While my CN continually states it is obtaining ip address the router is assigning one but they fail on this crazy hostname. Could we by chance fix that problem? I would prefer to be able to edit the hostname myself on the device.

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                After much faffing about, I discovered I had a working setting for my router all along:


                Linksys WRT350N

                Firmware v1.04.4


                Basic Wireless Settings
                 Wireless Configuration: Manual
                 Network Mode: Mixed
                 Radio Band: Auto
                 Wide Channel: Auto
                 Standard Channel: Auto
                 SSID Broadcast: Enabled
                Wireless Security
                 Security Mode: WPA2 Personal
                 Encryption: TKIP or AES
                 Key Renewal: 3600 seconds

                Wireless MAC Filter
                 Disabled (B&N support suggested I enable this; I didn't find it necessary)

                Advanced Wireless
                 All settings as defaults

                I do wish that B&N tech support wouldn't suggest the hard reset, as it wipes everything and leaves you with a brick until you can get the wireless set up. Since no-one can prove that I was entering my wireless password correctly or incorrectly, I suggest they add a couple of lines to the support script:

                • are you sure the wireless password is correct?
                • are you sure the wireless password is correct?


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                  Model: Netgear DGN1000 (modem/router)

                  Updated firmware

                  Deleted spaces/charcters from SSID name

                  Set encryption to WPA-Personal (AES)

                  Changed mode to b or g


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                    I have the Verizon Actiontec router/modem.  I also have to enable SSID to connect.  I haven't seen any solution to this.  I previously used a separate DSL modem and Linksys router and had no issue.  Because I was having connection problems (old modem) Verizon sent me a replacement combination router/modem.  Have had the problem ever since.  Hopefully there is a solution out there . .

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