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    Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

      I've had to erase my nook once already because I found that was the solution on another website now I'm stuck again.  All of this happened after the upgrade.  What are we supposed to do, hard erase the nook 2x a week?  Please advise

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          The same thing happened to me and when I did a search on this forum the response I found that worked for me was to do a factory reset.  You do this by holding down both the power and home buttons for a minute.  Of course, after the factory reset you have to load all your settings again, but gee, at least the thing turns on again.



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            Yes, unfortunately I've had to do this twice. Both times it happened when swapping between profiles. The tablet jammed and then on reboot gets stuck at 99%.
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                This is what happened to me! 

                I ended up doing the factory reset, and lost all my google play apps. And its still acting strange, will randomly turn off, so I have to load it up again. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it. 5ivedom suggested just taking it to the store... 

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                  After doing the factory reset, and still having problems with it, I just called the support line. It looked like no one was getting help by taking it into the store. They rep stated that I should just try to down load the update again, but my computer does not recongize my nook or the file with the update. Went to a different computer and it's the same thing... How are you supposed to get the update again?

                  The rep also stated that if I was not able to find a computer that would work, to just call back and they would send me a new one, because I am still under warrenty. Which is cool. And its looking like that may be the case.

                  My Nook will still shut off some times while in sleep mode, and I have to wait a while before I'm able to get it to boot back up. That never happened until I did the factory reset. This is becoming a lot more work that it needs to be. I hope they can fix the 99% glitch and the problems the update brought. Don't get me wrong, I loved having the app store and all the cool stuff that came with it. But I would rather have my Nook fully functional.

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                    Sme thing happens to me, I am stuck on 99% Wont do anything further, I held the home button and on off button, it does turn off, but when i turn back on , I am back to square one... stuck on 99% , This is obviously an issue with BN and this update. Fix it soon . Give us instructions that would work. This is really bad as i hve 2 nooks ... What are you doing BN?

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                      It's nothing to do with Profiles. I have only one Profile, and the 99% problem has happened on my (brand new) Nook HD.
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                      Please don't make me buy a kindle.  Lovely Nook HD was doing fine until yesterday when I asked it to go to my gmail account.  Gray 99%.  Turned it off by 'off button + nook button' but it still won't reload or do anything but 99%after several tries.  Urrrgh.


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                        This situation happenned to me last night.  I waited and waited and nothing happened.  So, this morning, I went to my closest B&N store and explained the situation to the assistant manager who tried to help to no avail.  Seeing no way to solve the situation, he traded the old Nook with a new one.  I am a happy camper.



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                          I have just had this problem for the 2nd time, and it will be the 3rd time since the operating system update that I will have to do a hard reset.  I never had this type of problem under the "old" OS - it was less versatile but it didn't render itself unusable like what's happening now.  I'm resigned to do another hard reset, but I'm getting sick of this Nook HD issue.  Anybody have any insight has to what is causing this chronic problem?  Anyway to go back to the "old" Nook operating system?  I think I'd be willing to give up many of the new apps just to have the Nook HD perform the functions I bought it for reliably.

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                            I JUST bought this for my son for his birthday.  My son has autism.  I decided to make sure it was charged before I put it back into the box to wrap it and now its stuck on 99 and wont do a damn thing.  I guess I am taking this peace of crap back to the store.  Can you imagine how my son with autism will flip out if this happens as often as you all are saying.  Now I know why everyone told me to get a kindle.

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                              This has happened a handful of times on my Nook HD+ too, and it seems to be related to trying to manage multiple profiles on one device.  It's been locking up when I switch it to my son's profile, and the only work-around is to do a factory reset (URF!).  I've decided to delete his profile completely, and just turn off the wi-fi when I hand it to him.  And now I'm saving up to buy a real android device, and then my son can keep this Nook.

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                                This will be the second time I have had it frozen at 99%. It has happened both time when I was switching profiles and when I wasn't connected to wifi. So I am wondering if that is it? But who knows it is just time consuming to reset and have to reload everything all over again! UGH! Hope they fix this soon!

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                                    Ugh...my 2nd Nook 32GB HD+ to have it do this. I'm convinced that it has something to do with profiles and that the microSD card (as they told me in the store) plays some role in the problem. I'm just not certain how/why.


                                    In my case, as before, my son turned my Nook HD+ on, switched to his profile and the Nook went dead.


                                    Here's where the MicroSD card comes in....once your HD+ dies like this, it will NOT turn on/reboot or do anything until the microSD card is removed. However, it will now only boot to the 99% screen and hang.


                                    Off to the store later today or tomorrow.

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                                    I've had our HD+ for almost a month and everything has been fine until last night when my daughter was playing games and it kept shutting off by itself. It had already downloaded the 2.1.1 update a couple weeks ago, and I do not use a memory card in it.


                                    She was playing it while it was plugged in and charging. I took it to reboot it and it felt really hot in the bottom corner, much warmer than it usually gets during use. I rebooted it and then swiped to open my profile, and it froze right there with my avatar sitting on the 'lock'. So I shut it down by holding the power button. When I rebooted it, it got stuck at 99%, and has done the same thing with each reboot attempt. This morning it has been stuck on 99% for over 2 hours.


                                    Could someone please tell me how to do a factory reset because there seems to be some confusion here. One person said hold down the power and home buttons for a minute, then another person said that's not a factory reset. Hopefully someone at the store can help me out tonight.

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                                        Completley power off the NOOK then press the "n" (home button) during power on. This should get it unstuck. If it doesn't work, drain the battery and once completely drained, charge your device and power on. The battery should drain quicker than usual due to the 99% screen being active.




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                                            That worked (the first part, not the battery drain part)! Thank you Rick_X! Only bummed that now I have to re-register and all the Google Play games I bought will be gone.

                                            So do we know yet why this happens and what to avoid in the future so it won't happen again??

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                                                kmm76 wrote:

                                                Only bummed that now I have to re-register and all the Google Play games I bought will be gone.



                                                Hopefully you figured it out but you do not lose anything from Google Play, purchased or free, when doing a reset.  Assuming you use the same Google account they will all be listed under downloads (down arrow).  You'll have to reinstall them but that should be quick. 

                                                On a similar vein if you use the same Google account you can use the apps on another device without having to repurchase them. 

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                                              I had have the exact same issue except mine started sometime last night after I gave up trying to watch netflix as my nook hd+ decided to sync my library over and over for hours. I put it down (not on the charger) and when I picked it up it was stuck at 99%. I am unsure why it decided to shut down by itself and then try to reboot itself....wifi was off so it couldnt be getting updates. I tried everything that is listed in all the posts to no avail. This is my 3rd nook and my last 2 only had issues with the chargers and the mini usb hub they plugged into. I am beginning to think maybe opening the nook up to google play apps may not be so good.
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                                                  Lisa, we're sorry that your device is still stuck on the 99% loading screen. You may want to try a Hard Reset. The following procedure details how to perform a NOOK HD/NOOK HD+ factory reset. A factory reset will deregister your device, removing all digital books and files, including side-loaded content. The titles you have purchased will remain in your account.
                                                  NOTE: It is recommended that all side-loaded content you wish to save is backed up to an SD card or computer before proceeding.
                                                  To Hard Reset NOOK HD:
                                                  1. Confirm the device is powered off.
                                                  2. Hold the Power and Home key simultaneously.
                                                  3. Release the Power and Home key once the NOOK logo appears.
                                                  A Factory Reset prompt will appear.
                                                  4. To continue, press the Home key.
                                                  5. To exit, press the Power key.

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                                                Thanks for the advice.

                                                My nook would not reboot, after pressing both keys...

                                                it would still get stuck on the 99%.


                                                I did the factory reset, and seems to work fine.


                                                Is B&N looking to make a fix for this bug soon?

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                                                  Just adding myself to the list of people having this issue. Brand new Nook HD+ (replacement for defective device). Issue happened after charging overnight. Put the device to sleep and could not reboot about 1 hour later. Just did factory reset. Battery is at 63% which is weird since it should have been close to fully charged.
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                                                    This is the problem I am having too. :smileyfrustrated:

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                                                      I just exchanged my 2nd Nook the other day, so I am on my 3rd one since Aug. cause it was doing the same things. I have had it a week and it is now doing the same thing... I have no memory card in it either. Not happy, cause I love it otherwise!!

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                                                        I am CONVINCED that the cause of this is installing games or a game from the Google Play store.


                                                        I tried an experiment. Back in August I had this issue (I posted here on page 2 - however the solution I got from Rick_X is not working this time), and had done a factory reset a couple of times. So on September 10 I took the crippled thing to the store and they replaced it with a brand new one (HD+). I have been really happy with it...until this morning, 6 weeks later.


                                                        My experiment was to go for a while without installing a single game from Google Play to test whether I would have any problems. My daughter likes Paint Joy and Temple Run especially and had been begging me to install them. But I refused, and from Sept 10 until today, the Nook was great, with no problems at all!


                                                        Well, last night I finally caved in to her pleas for games, and downloaded Temple Run and the Hobbit game. And what do I wake up to this morning but the stuck at 99% problem!!! First time.


                                                        I was satisfied to have proven my theory but I'm also really pissed!! I shouldn't have installed those games. Now I have to factory reset or take it back to the store and hopefully they'll replace it again.


                                                        Can anyone testify to this or is it simply that only 6 weeks went by since I got the new one and it was bound to happen?? 


                                                        I charged it overnight, last night it was completely drained, and it got stuck at 99% this morning upon powering up.



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                                                          Since doing the factory reset 4 weeks ago I have not installed any games and am happy to report that I have not had the 99% problem again. It's either Temple Run or Paint Joy, or both, that the two nooks I've had don't like for some reason. So unfortunately, can't use Google Play anymore. I don't want to risk it. And yes, there was always excessive heat when playing the games. Both tablets (the first one I had to return to the store) got unnaturally hot in the corner.

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                                                              I've always had 2 accounts on it, mine and my daughter's, so that can't be the problem (at least for this tablet) since it still does and has been fine.
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                                                                Interestingly enough, we bought 4 Nook HD+ devices for Xmas for our 4 kids... we have had several devices black out / reboot during game play (yes... one of the main reasons we bought the nook for our kids - 12/10/8/6).  I'm guessing this happens when the processor gets too hot?  I'm wondering if this is also case dependant?  We bought B/N cases though the kids bought different varieties...


                                                                However, this was quite manageable until the other day when my sons Nook HD+ just froze up when we were switching profiles (to an "adult" profile, having more access and having a password to key in on).  It seems many people report this exact same thing happening.  So we clearly aren't alone.  I'm wondering what B/N response has been... is there a fix coming?  Does B/N know about it and are they working on addressing it?  Similar to another writer, we spent $600 on these devices and it will stink if the answer is to be doing hard-reboots all the time (resetting all the kids games, which can lead to quite a bit of disappointment).  Or many people have said B/N simply hands them new devices (which again, is great, but not a solution as I see people saying they are on their 2nd... 3rd device...).


                                                                So to try to figure things out more, it was striking reading "kmm76" post about when she installed temple run (and hobbit I think).  Of the 4 devices, the one having the 99% bug now we uniquely had just installed temple run, temple run 2 and then a day or so later, we installed clash of clans (which has been on the other 3 devices for a week or so) and my singing monsters.


                                                                I think the more details people post (what games and apps they have installed) we may (as a community) be able to help B/N determine if there are problematic apps.  I know for me we won't be installing temple run or TR 2 on any of the other nook devices....


                                                                Can other people chime in on whether they have TR or TR2 or these other apps installed?  Maybe some other apps? 


                                                                This clearly "ruins" the device if the solution is to hard reset it on a periodic device...

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                                                                    I bought 2 nooks 3 days ago both of them stuck at 99 both had tr1 and tr2 on them

                                                                    • HDplus stuck at "loading 99%" won't boot up

                                                                      2014-Mar-10: Two of our 4 Nook tablets (1 HD+ and 1 HD) suddenly stopped working today. They were last used the prior day without issue ... then screen-locked and plugged into their chargers like any other day.  However, now they both begin booting normally until reaching 99% and then just hang.


                                                                      After numerous reboots, the HD tablet was finally able to boot all the way and allow log in.  However, none of the apps worked any longer.  Instead, each app gave an error "Unfortunately, ___ has stopped working."  When I phoned B&N's so-called tech support (hello, Philippines?), the very first thing the tech suggested was that I FACTORY RESET the devices.  This is ludicrous and should only ever be performed as avery last resort - especially since these two particular devices belong to my children whose saved game data is of the utmost importance such as Minecraft PE. 


                                                                      That being said, the other Nook HDplus device continues to hang at 99%.  I am hoping to find a way to tether this device and view a debug log - standard practice on most smart devices these days.  Yet, I cannot find a SINGLE technical person at the two local B&N stores with any "technical" savvy, despite the Philippines support person's suggestion to the contrary when he stated "Every B&N store has a technical person who can debug the device."  A entirely untrue and bogus suggestion - and the local B&N rep told me "it's entirely because corporate fails to provide us with the training and tools."


                                                                      I place 50% of the loss-risk blame on apps like Minecraft PE Pocket Edition who, despite record sales of their game, fail to provide the means to backup one's Minecraft Worlds (either via tether to a laptop or to the cloud) or even the instructions to do so.  If you have a child who plays Minecraft, you'll know they can spend countless accumulative hours building their worlds and exploring their creativity ... just to have it all lost when their device fails?!  Clearly, the developer "Mojang" doesn't care about their user community and the inherent risk of losing the core functionality of their game - the user's worlds - which cannot be backed up nor restored as of 2014-March. Their website today boasts 8,910,955 people "facebook liked" Minecraft.  One doesn't need a calculator to know that's a LOT of money earned - why not spend some to provide quality, user-friendly features such as a backup and restore?  Despicable Me - Minions game does just this and automatically - reinstall the game and one's game history, stats, etc are instantly downloaded from their cloud services.


                                                                      Looking at the bigger picture here, it's absolutely UNACCEPTABLE that B&N - after having RECORD HIGH sales of their Nook devices during 2013 (sale price remained at $149 USD) - fails to invest in providing IN-STORE technical support ... versus calling some 3rd world country where the only viable option is to lose all of your personal settings and data (game saves, configurations, etc).  B&N needs to train their existing in-store techs (who are respectfully nothing more than a salesforce who know the operating basics of these devices) thereby allowing them to debug and repair these tablet-computers.  After all, theyare merely Android computers, despite the custom logo and shiny exterior.  The fact that there is NO in-store or local brick-and-mortar technical support available is truly deplorable - at least one that is authorized to tinker with these devices without voiding the warranty.


                                                                      Another item that I feel B&N should revisit is that, after giving a Nook to a child, the device requires an adult to enter their credit card information into the device to activate the Nook account. Worse yet, there's no obvious way to remove the parent's credit card info from the Nook afterwards.  There is a way, however, to remove credit card from your Nook account: Using their B&N account page, select MY ACCOUNT > MANAGE ACCOUNT > MANAGE DEFAULT PAYMENT > and simply delete the credit card data on file.  The associated B&N / Nook account will persist and have no impact on the child using the device. In fact, doing to will ensure that your child cannot make purchases on your credit card but it will still allow Gift Cards to be used for purchases.  Shame on you B&N for not making these Nook parent-friendly, in regard to assigning parental controls for purchases.

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                                                                          Paulie-D, THANK YOU for your message of 3 weeks ago.


                                                                          I have to reply to you because yours is the FIRST (and possibly only) message in this very long thread which exhibits the appropriate level of annoyance and vexation regarding the 99% problem! 


                                                                          I was presented on my birthday, 3 and a half months ago, with a brand new "Nook HD".  From the very beginning of my use of it I observed that switching it on was hit-and-miss.  Switching it on has been hit-and-miss for the last 3 and a half months!  Some days just pressing the Nook button will cause the machine to wake up flawlessly.  Other days I need to press that Nook button twice, or three times, or four times, or even five times before the Nook home-page appears!  Trying to do a boot-up is equally spasmodic.  The power-on button has a mind of its own, it seems.  The times I've wanted to squirt WD-40 into it!  (But have not, of course!)


                                                                          So, I've had three and a half months of this ridiculous suspense every time I turn on the Nook HD!


                                                                          And this evening for the first time I've got the 99% problem!  A dozen times I switch it on, and a dozen times the machine sticks at 99%!


                                                                          So I come here to see if, just possibly, anybody else has experienced the same thing, and what do I find?  SCORES and SCORES of Nook HD owners have been experiencing this extraordinary problem for the last THREE YEARS and it's still happening!


                                                                          As you say, this is ridiculous!


                                                                          Higher in this thread a B&N techie has said the 2.2 update will cure the problem, but users have then reported that the problem continues to occur AFTER installing the 2.2 update.


                                                                          So is it the software or is it the hardware?


                                                                          I know one thing: the Nook HD is simply not worth buying.  The grief it causes far outweighs its usefulness.  It is an unreliable device.  Avoid it like the plague.


                                                                          I don't know what I'm going to do.  I'm in the UK.  We have no B&N stores here.  The Nook is sold in bookshops and other stores here by the assistants who sell the books.  The assistants have no knowledge of the Nook's lunacies.


                                                                          The idea of doing a factory reset, then having to spend a day reconfiguring the damn machine, only to meet the same problem days or weeks or months later is just UNACCEPTABLE.


                                                                          I'm going to have to do some hard thinking on this one.


                                                                          But for now I send out the message far and wide: do NOT purchase Nook HDs. 


                                                                          Spread the word.

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                                                                      I had the same problem, turn on my nook remained loaded in 99, which was to remove the sd memory and finally finished loading and lit, that was my solution till I discovered I had to format my sd memory in FAT32 format then of this I have not had any problems
                                                                      sorry if I have drafting errors, English is not my language and I'm using google translator, I hope that works for them greetings

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                                                                        Ours seem to do this everytime it does an update... Ours wont let us do a soft reboot, I have to do a factory reset... This is the 3rd time now... I am tired of this!

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                                                                            I'm had mine for 10 days and this issue showed up yesterday. I came here to find it's very common. The 99% thing started and I couldn't do anything with it. As the day went on it became very warm. I didn't know about the factory reset til now and during the night I feared it fried itself. Unless the battery just wore down. I will try charging it and try the reset. BUT I have not put anything on it, no apps, no games, no google anything. All I did was signed up with my local library. And I am the only profile. I may be going back to the store today.

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                                                                                When people with this issue come into the store I work at we do a couple of things. First, as many have described in this forum, we do a factory reset. But, the next thing I'm always sure to do is reload all the software updates up to 2.1.1, which addressed this issue. As a store, we have been provided with a micro SD card with the updates loaded on to it. Once we do that we download 2.2.0 for you via wifi and help you reregister your nook. We have had good success with this solution.


                                                                                Also, I always make a note that the customer is having this issue in a system we use. Nook specialists at all stores and our 1-800 number can log into and see this information (it is logged under your serial number). At our store, if we see that you have had this issue in the past and that our solution has been tried, then we replace the device for you under your warranty.


                                                                                We have not been able to make a correlation between use of a micro SD card or temperature. We are looking into the other correlations (profiles, Google Play, etc).


                                                                                One thing we recommend to our customers generally, but especially if they are reporting temperature or battery issues, is to install a battery monitor app. My favorite is GSam Battery monitor. It can be purchased through the Nook Store ($1.99, with a free trial available) or Google Play (free). That will record the temperature of your nook as well as battery usage, and what is using battery power (screen, specific apps, etc).


                                                                                I hope that this will help some of you.

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                                                                              Mine has stuck and nothing is helping. it charges supposedly, but Ihave tried holding the home and power buttons for a minute, nothing. I was switching between profiles and it froze, then cut off. Now; it will start booting up , but stop at 99%. Is there any hope???

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                                                                                OK here is what I did to solve the problem. When you first get the nook or have erased it do not install the SD Card yet. Turn on, register, do all the bells and whistles, etc. then upgrade to Version 2.2.0 right away.  The NOOK will turn off automatically and reboot, install the new upgrade and come back to life. then (and this is very important) whatever brand SD Card (I use Lexar 32gb that I bought at Big Lots for $9.99), format it in FAT32 from its original exFAT. You can do this by downloading AOMEI Partitian Assistant to re-format it from its original exFAT because Windows 7 format utility cannot do this. Google Android apparently does not like or recognize exFAT or NTFS and I think the 99% no-boot bug is the result. After re-formating the SD Card to FAT32 insert it into the NOOK (when it is turned off of course) and turn on the NOOK.Everything should be good for another 10,000 miles or whenever B&N goes extinct like all the other books stores. I learned how to fix this this from problems I had with my Archos 101it. The NOOK HD+ is an awesome product for the price and has 32gb unlike the others with 8gb or 16gb. Do not toss this machine, it is a good one. I paid $179.00 at WalMart for mine.

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                                                                                    I have a 32GB SDHC card in my HD+. Think it's a SanDisk. It was inserted into the device back in November 2012 which formatted it as exFAT and has had no problems.


                                                                                    Win7 should be able to handle exFAT, though maybe the choice only shows up for 64GB cards. I did have to download a patch for WinXP at the time.


                                                                                    It's rather difficult to claim Android doesn't do exFAT when that's the format the HD/+ will apply to a card.

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                                                                                    Hello, I am back. If you seen my posts then you may think I am an apologist for B&N; I am not....but....I think I have fiugured out what is going on here. I did all the things that I posted originally and still have not yet had any problems with the NookHD+. Let me address them one by one. If you have an Andorid Phone then you know it takes time to fire it up, hold the on button for a short period of time to make it start. The same I have found happens to the NookHD+, you must hold down the on button for a few seconds till you see the wake up screen. For some this may take practice, but what's a few second?; you have to wait for minutes for your Computer to load......I tried several different brands and sizes of SDCards and have found that only the SanDisk Class 4 formated at FAT32 never bugs up, I don't know why, maybe someone out there figured it out. Just going on personal experience. I have other tablets and a Samsung Smart Phone and each one has it's "thing". You just have to know something about Android or else get an I-Pad (they are another drama creating device you you are screwed there too). Now, about Android...it's Google, need I say more. Truth: All Apps , especially the free ones are nothing but Spyware, even the apps that are supposed to kill the running apps which after the apps are "killed" come back after a few seconds anyways. I have never had a Virus/Malware, etc app that ever detected a problem, they just scan hang in there and give you a false sense of security. I have NEVER had a problem with virus etc. with my other phones or tablets. If I do, I know enlough to just reset it and start from scratch (done that only once just because I wanted the practice. OK, there is the hardware (tablets/Phones/Readers) then thereis Google Android. I personally think that all the hardware is good if the software is good, but, Google has this severe personality disorder that makes them seem to spy on you, collect your data non-stop, every day every hour etc. They are very sick people that work for that corp. but 'nuff sed about that, What you got is what you got so deal with it. I made thee USB sticks and a 500gb portable HD work on the Nook HD+ by purchasing a Female to Female USB adapter and downloaded an app from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317500 , Here is the App http://nook.rootshell.ru/hd/USBHostSwitcher.apk . Now remember if the HD has an additional power source then that must be plugged in at the same time. I purchased a USB Spy Camera and that also works as my Tablet Camera and I can pair it to my phone, computer, other tablets and spy on you all so if you see supposedly earpiece it is really a camera (good for when the cops stop you). Also about the N2A cards...you need to get one, am serious...the best invention since PMS meds.Also, you bought a Book Reader, it has B&N stuff in it; which makes you safe, to a certain degree to Google Androids Manic Schizophrenia Spy Ware. With the N2A card you get dual boot and can go back an forth. So after you enter the Android world then read up first to protect you from sleepless nights. And Last of all, about the B&N salespeople. If you want to know what Hairy Potter is up to then ask a Young female Associate; Romance Novels - an older female, but if you want to know about Computers/Readers/Tablet find a young guy in his 20's. Trust me.

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                                                                                      This just happened to me! I hadn't even been using my Nook when it randomly restarted and got stuck at 99%. I'm doing a factory reset now. I should've known something else was bound to happen to this thing. I was already dealing with WiFi detection issues and seemingly broken apps. :smileyfrustrated:

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                                                                                          I just got this problem on Wednesday -- I took out my Nook to find that it had apparently factory reset itself. The really strange thing is that it seems to have gone back to 2.0.0, although I might be mistaken (non-Chrome browser at least). I updated it to 2.2.0 but it immediately froze on the home screen and reboots were stuck at 99%.


                                                                                          So right now I am doing a factory reset. It went to 2.1.0, whereupon it wanted to update to 2.1.1. So far it's okay, but I'm not sure if I want to try forcing it to 2.2.0, or just wait for it to ask.

                                                                                            • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                              My unit did the exact same thing. I did take it back to 2.2.0 and it seems to work ok. This appears to be a frequent problem. I am also experiencing publications that are missing artwork / cover material (randomly and on my HD+ along with my other basic Nook units). Customer service has no advice other than to wait for an update ..... getting really tired of this!

                                                                                          • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                            is there a way i can reboot it or reset it without deleting all my stuff?? i dont want to lose progress on anything :/ i have tried the trick where you hold down the power button for 20 seconds and then start it up, but that doesnt work :/

                                                                                            • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                              Also having this problem. Went to load my profile and it stuck, attempted to restart it and nook HD will not go past 99%. I was really surprised to see this was such an issue. I have tried 30 sec, 45 sec and 1 min with holding the power and the 'n' button; downloading the new 2.2 on my computer to attempt a 'drop and drag' to the nook while it was hooked to the computer and my computer cannot even detect what the device is (?); and doing a hard reset from the 'my nook' section on the website, which it would not let me do--all with no avail. I don't know what to do. My nook has been acting wonky telling me applications were unable to install but also telling me it's up to date. Unless another nook owner or moderator has any suggestions, I will be going to the nearest B&N to hopefully get some answers.



                                                                                              • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                                The Nook HD hangs at 99% when loading profile.  Appears to be a huge issue.  Did get a replaement Nook and same problem.  Barnes and Noble does not appear to take this issue seriously. 

                                                                                                • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                                  I discovered that if I drive around with the Nook in my car and power it off and on, it will eventually "unfreeze" from the "99% loading".  I'm a teacher and we have 32 Nooks for our grade level.  I've "unfrozen" the nooks about 5 times now, using this method.  It usually takes six to seven tries, but eventually the nook unfreezes and we don't lose any of our content.  My theory is as you leave your WiFi zone and enter another, the Nook tries to connect, which causes it to unfreeze--just a theory.

                                                                                                    • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                                      My Nook HD is a couple years old. It's stuck at 99%.  I've hard booted it (at the risk of losing everything once again!) a few times, but I'm still stuck at 99%.


                                                                                                      I have had this problem several times over the couple years I've owned this product.

                                                                                                      I've purchased books and other things and some of those things didn't come from the Google Play Store.

                                                                                                      And so of course, I had to go purchase those things AGAIN!  And because it's no longer under warranty, I'm SOL.


                                                                                                      Clearly BN doesn't care.  Clearly they don't understand the power of social media and word of mouth.

                                                                                                      It's our civic duty to warn other buyers away from this product (simply because this company has created a reputation for NOT taking care of its customers).  I work with several schools in my area and also with local universities who come to me for tech advice. And I have no problem standing in a Barnes & Noble store or Best Buy for no other reason than to warn others away from this product SIMPLY BECAUSE IT'S DEFECTIVE AND THE SERVICE CONTRACT AND DEPT DOESN'T CARE!  And I'll have my Nook HD with me, with it's 99% screen.

                                                                                                      Since they refuse to do what's right and compensate me/us, I'll make sure that their reputation is known to innocent buyers.  FB, LinkdIn, Twitter, Best Buy, SUNY, Daemen, ECC, Medaille, Ken-West: Here I Come!

                                                                                                    • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                                      I am having the same problem. This is my second time having this problem. The first time, I got a new nook; but my warranty has sadly run out . I tried a factory restart twice, didn't work either time. I don't know what to do, I don't want to go to the store and have to buy a new one, and I don't know how charged my nook is. This problem happened last night, and I thought "maybe it was tired from all of that usage" so I left it alone all night. Still having the issue. BN needs to figure this out.

                                                                                                      • Re: HDplus stuck at "loading 99%" won't boot up

                                                                                                        If it is stuck at 99%, how to you get past that to do a factory reset? I tried to get to the reset and I get "install failed" Power Off. If issue, persists contact support. Anyone with an idea of how to get it up and running again will be forever my savior.

                                                                                                          • Re: Stuck at loading 99% won't boot up

                                                                                                            See the first response to the original question by madylarian:

                                                                                                            The same thing happened to me and when I did a search on this forum the response I found that worked for me was to do a factory reset.  You do this by holding down both the power and home buttons for a minute.  Of course, after the factory reset you have to load all your settings again, but gee, at least the thing turns on again.



                                                                                                            Presumably this is for the Nook HD/HD+.