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        I've had our HD+ for almost a month and everything has been fine until last night when my daughter was playing games and it kept shutting off by itself. It had already downloaded the 2.1.1 update a couple weeks ago, and I do not use a memory card in it.


        She was playing it while it was plugged in and charging. I took it to reboot it and it felt really hot in the bottom corner, much warmer than it usually gets during use. I rebooted it and then swiped to open my profile, and it froze right there with my avatar sitting on the 'lock'. So I shut it down by holding the power button. When I rebooted it, it got stuck at 99%, and has done the same thing with each reboot attempt. This morning it has been stuck on 99% for over 2 hours.


        Could someone please tell me how to do a factory reset because there seems to be some confusion here. One person said hold down the power and home buttons for a minute, then another person said that's not a factory reset. Hopefully someone at the store can help me out tonight.

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          Completley power off the NOOK then press the "n" (home button) during power on. This should get it unstuck. If it doesn't work, drain the battery and once completely drained, charge your device and power on. The battery should drain quicker than usual due to the 99% screen being active.




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            That worked (the first part, not the battery drain part)! Thank you Rick_X! Only bummed that now I have to re-register and all the Google Play games I bought will be gone.

            So do we know yet why this happens and what to avoid in the future so it won't happen again??

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              I had have the exact same issue except mine started sometime last night after I gave up trying to watch netflix as my nook hd+ decided to sync my library over and over for hours. I put it down (not on the charger) and when I picked it up it was stuck at 99%. I am unsure why it decided to shut down by itself and then try to reboot itself....wifi was off so it couldnt be getting updates. I tried everything that is listed in all the posts to no avail. This is my 3rd nook and my last 2 only had issues with the chargers and the mini usb hub they plugged into. I am beginning to think maybe opening the nook up to google play apps may not be so good.
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                Lisa, we're sorry that your device is still stuck on the 99% loading screen. You may want to try a Hard Reset. The following procedure details how to perform a NOOK HD/NOOK HD+ factory reset. A factory reset will deregister your device, removing all digital books and files, including side-loaded content. The titles you have purchased will remain in your account.
                NOTE: It is recommended that all side-loaded content you wish to save is backed up to an SD card or computer before proceeding.
                To Hard Reset NOOK HD:
                1. Confirm the device is powered off.
                2. Hold the Power and Home key simultaneously.
                3. Release the Power and Home key once the NOOK logo appears.
                A Factory Reset prompt will appear.
                4. To continue, press the Home key.
                5. To exit, press the Power key.

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                  kmm76 wrote:

                  Only bummed that now I have to re-register and all the Google Play games I bought will be gone.



                  Hopefully you figured it out but you do not lose anything from Google Play, purchased or free, when doing a reset.  Assuming you use the same Google account they will all be listed under downloads (down arrow).  You'll have to reinstall them but that should be quick. 

                  On a similar vein if you use the same Google account you can use the apps on another device without having to repurchase them. 

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                    I think that you do lose game progress.....

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                      Thanks for the advice.

                      My nook would not reboot, after pressing both keys...

                      it would still get stuck on the 99%.


                      I did the factory reset, and seems to work fine.


                      Is B&N looking to make a fix for this bug soon?

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                        Just adding myself to the list of people having this issue. Brand new Nook HD+ (replacement for defective device). Issue happened after charging overnight. Put the device to sleep and could not reboot about 1 hour later. Just did factory reset. Battery is at 63% which is weird since it should have been close to fully charged.
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                          This is the problem I am having too. :smileyfrustrated:

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                            I just exchanged my 2nd Nook the other day, so I am on my 3rd one since Aug. cause it was doing the same things. I have had it a week and it is now doing the same thing... I have no memory card in it either. Not happy, cause I love it otherwise!!

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                              I am CONVINCED that the cause of this is installing games or a game from the Google Play store.


                              I tried an experiment. Back in August I had this issue (I posted here on page 2 - however the solution I got from Rick_X is not working this time), and had done a factory reset a couple of times. So on September 10 I took the crippled thing to the store and they replaced it with a brand new one (HD+). I have been really happy with it...until this morning, 6 weeks later.


                              My experiment was to go for a while without installing a single game from Google Play to test whether I would have any problems. My daughter likes Paint Joy and Temple Run especially and had been begging me to install them. But I refused, and from Sept 10 until today, the Nook was great, with no problems at all!


                              Well, last night I finally caved in to her pleas for games, and downloaded Temple Run and the Hobbit game. And what do I wake up to this morning but the stuck at 99% problem!!! First time.


                              I was satisfied to have proven my theory but I'm also really pissed!! I shouldn't have installed those games. Now I have to factory reset or take it back to the store and hopefully they'll replace it again.


                              Can anyone testify to this or is it simply that only 6 weeks went by since I got the new one and it was bound to happen?? 


                              I charged it overnight, last night it was completely drained, and it got stuck at 99% this morning upon powering up.



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                                Since doing the factory reset 4 weeks ago I have not installed any games and am happy to report that I have not had the 99% problem again. It's either Temple Run or Paint Joy, or both, that the two nooks I've had don't like for some reason. So unfortunately, can't use Google Play anymore. I don't want to risk it. And yes, there was always excessive heat when playing the games. Both tablets (the first one I had to return to the store) got unnaturally hot in the corner.

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                                  I've always had 2 accounts on it, mine and my daughter's, so that can't be the problem (at least for this tablet) since it still does and has been fine.
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                                    I had the same problem, turn on my nook remained loaded in 99, which was to remove the sd memory and finally finished loading and lit, that was my solution till I discovered I had to format my sd memory in FAT32 format then of this I have not had any problems
                                    sorry if I have drafting errors, English is not my language and I'm using google translator, I hope that works for them greetings

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