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    Transferred Stuff to SD Card Using Adapter. Now in Nook it's Messed Up. Please Help

      Ok, so recently I got a new sd card for my nook HD+, and because of the incredibly long file transfer time on the nook, and the fact that I have such a large amount of files, I decided to transfer everything onto the sd card, by way of the sd card adapter.


      So I put everything on, and I loaded the card into the nook, and everything showed up just fine, all the files were present, and working in my various programs. But then, later on I went to put more files on, and this time I went about doing it by connecting the nook to my computer. And when I went into the sd card through that everything was messed up.


      What I mean by messed up is, one of the folders I put on there earlier wasn't there, a system volume label folder I'd never seen before was there, and the other folder I'd put on, and everything in it was duplicated, though all the files in the duplicate folder were a different file type.


      Now, I don't understand this, I thought at first that something happened since I last used it that destroyed everything, but I checked through my programs, and everything still showed up just fine, including all the files in the folder that didn't show up.


      And I have a file manager program, and when I go to the sd card through there everything shows up perfectly normal. So it's only when I plug it into the computer and try viewing the card on it that things show up weird. And it's every computer, not just the one.


      Now, I unmounted the card and put it back in the adapter, and everything showed up fine. I mean, I've tried everything, I unplugged it from the computer and replugged it in, I tried unmounting the card, I tried turning the nook on and off, hell, I even tried reformatting my nook back to factory settings and still the card showed up like this.


      So, I am at the end of my rope, I add things to my nook everyday, so I need some way to fix this. Does anyone know of a way? Has this happened to any of you? And if there is no work around, should I just start unmounting my card and sticking it in the adapter every day to put stuff on?? Please any help you can give would be great. Thanks.

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          First thing to realize is that the HD/+ do not expose a "disk" interface to the SD card when you connect over USB. The MTP protocol has the Nook itself reading the card when the computer makes a request.


          As a result, there could be artifacts if the Nook catalogs the contents when the catd was inserted, removed, modified, and reinserted.


          MTP protocol allows the Nook to stay active while on USB (devices with card reader modes essentially shut down while the computer sends commands directly to the card). Being active, the HD/+ MTP negotiates file access so that only one file at a time is transferred, so any inerruption in the transfer only affects that file, and the protocol can abort and clean up partial file -- instead of risking partial file and bad directories on the card if a cable were pulled during card reader mode on other devices (note how there is no "eject hardware" entry for the HD/+).


          Personnally, I'd use a card reader to archive the contents, format the card IN the Nook, reboot the Nook to ensure the card is seen as empty, (maybe a second format after the reboot), and use MTP protocol to copy the stuff back to the Nook.