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    Random Reboot

      Does anyone suffer from random reboots on their Nook HD+? It happens pretty randomly, generally when I'm browsing the web, once when I was shopping on the B&N website, but i've only had the device for 24 hours and it's happened 4 times. Would love to know if there is a fix!
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          Hi KrissyD,


          I have had the problem too. I assume that it is a software issue.

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            I have the same problem. Got an HD+ as a gift, it reboots frequently and randomly while I'm browsing the web or shopping for apps. Doesn't seem to affect the e-book reader as far as I can tell, since I'm most of the way through a 500 page book and it has never crashed.


            Called B&N tech support and the tech was very pleasant but useless. She kept insisting that it might be caused by an inconsistent wifi signal, even though I told her I've had the same problem all over the country: at home, in hotels, airports, at work, etc. Even after I explained this she still tried to have me reboot my router. Which I did just to be safe, but it didn't make a difference of course. At that point her best answer was to "please keep an eye on the problem" and if it keeps happening maybe I could take the unit to a store and trade it in.


            Judging from the number of posts around the web with titles like "Nook HD reboot problem" it sounds like this is a software issue. If they'd just acknowledge and fix it, it would be no big deal.

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                I'm on my 3rd HD+ since Christmas. I've just been working with my local B&N. I have 2.0.6 and no difference. My HD+ just starts doing more often. Doesn't matter if reading, searching, playing games etc... I like my HD+ so I'm hoping for a software update to correct the problem.
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                I'm on my 3rd HD+ and it does it too. I called the 800 number yesterday and went along with the hard boot with her that I had already tried. After it came back up and I was working with her on settings guess what? Yep, it rebooted itself. Here's the funny part. She told me to call back in about 4 days to let them know how its doing. IT'S REBOOTING ITSELF!!!!
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                  I just bought my Nook HD + during father's day. I have 2.1.0 It never rebooted the first month I had it. Now it reboots often. THis is really frustrating and I am thinking of returning my Nook HD+

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                    I found a solution.


                    Lock screen rotation!


                    I've lock the rotation in a landscape mode; never tried a portrait mode. After locking it, I've never had a single instance of random restart or crash. Before that, my random restarts and crashes were too frequent to the point where I was going to become insane. Now it's gone!