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      I got my Nook HD+ for Christmas 2013 and it's now the middle of April 2014 and my Nook is SO SLOW! Everything responds, but takes awhile or I see the "[insert app or even the library] isn't responding, would you like to close it?" then I close it. Is there anyone else with this problem or does someone know of a solution? I have 3 books and 2 apps it doesn't come with on it and it is a 16 GB.


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          Hi Beverly,

          The gentle options are to clear the caches of your browser and apps, and power the device down completely and power it up again.

          If this doesn't help, the 'nuclear' option is to erase and re-register the device, which returns it to factory settings. Your B&N purchased content will download itself automatically when you put in the B&N account details used to purchase it. Likewise the Google Play store apps can be re-downloaded from there when you sign in, but you will lose Game progress unless you back it up- either via the developer offering the option or an app designed for it. Everything else you have loaded you would need to have backed up to a pc so you can reload it all again.

          That's the bad news - the good news is that it really speeds the Nook up.

          Hope you manage to resolve this....