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    Dropped from WPA Network - can't get back on...

      Received a NookColor for Christmas.  All was great.

      I have AT&T Uverse (Fiber) with WPA on the router

      Downloaded books

      All was great (did I say that).

      For no apparent reason, got booted from my home network yesterday and can't reconnect.

      Have "forgotten" the connection and re-added.  Turned off and on (both device and wireless). 

      Still nothing. 

      As I said - all was great. :smileysad:

      Any suggestions? 



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          Restart the router? 


          Are you connecting to the router but can't get on the web?  Or not connecting to the router at all?

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              Thanks RiffRaff. 


              It's not the router - I've got three laptops and a Wii console on it.  It's gotta be the NC NIC.


              What makes this confusing is that I was on the router - just fine - for about three days and then dropped.  Only thing i did was took the NC out of range for a couple of hours (did not connect to another network). 


              Router sees my NC.



              I've read through other posts and have seen a number of folks pretty frustrated when faced with similar situations. Slightly different in that I was previously "on" - but maybe that just makes it a little more frustrating for me.  Hate to think I have to take this back because of such an issue - it's gotta be something pretty simple .