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    Uploading an ePub - Issues I can't Reproduce In Any Other ePub Viewer

      OK I created an ePub file for a client and he and I are having issues uploading it to Nookpress. The file passes the  ePub validation at http://validator.idpf.org/ 


      We are viewing the file in the NookPress Previewer. The issues we have: 


      Incorrect Table of Contents (NCX ) 


      There is a correctly coded NCX file in the ePub - but instead the previiewer appears to be parsing the file and picking up some other reference points 



      Footnote Navigation 


      The book has a several hundred endnotes throughout it. The endnotes are substantial.  They are linked and work correctly on ADE, Calibre etc. However on the Nook clicking the footnote reference e.g. [34] should take you tootnote 34 - however it only jumps to the start of the endnote section. Indeed the same thing happens in reverse: returning from the footnote should return to the point in the text, instead it returns to the start of the chapter. 




      Any help would be appreciated - I can find no mention of what Nookpress actually does to ePubs that are uploaded, so it makes it extermely difficult to do any further trouble shooting