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    Can't watch video and use bluetooth headset at the same time.

      I have been watching Youtube videos on my Nook HD+ with no problems. I bought a bluetooth headset Kinivo BTH220 which connect with no problems. The sound when playing music is outstanding. However, when I try to watch videos while wearing the headphones through Youtube or previews through Google Play store the videos keep buffering, making them unwatchable. When I disconnect the bluetooth headphones the videos do not buffer but play perfectly.


      I suspect that the Nook cannot handle the video and the bluetooth connection at the same time. My home network has plenty of bandwidth and my speed is near 30 mbps. The nook's software is 2.2.0, (the latest version) and I have already done a soft-reset of the nook. The headphones support A2DP which make them compatible with the nook. I contacted support on the chat line and they were no help whatsoever.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.