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    NGL - cleaning fingerprints off the screen

      Since the new white NGL has a 'special screen film' already installed from the factory, what is the best way to clean fingerprints from the display?


      I think the user manual suggested a clean microfiber cloth, but I'm hesitant to do this until I hear from others.  My screen is nice and scratch-free, and I'd like to keep it that way.

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          If you get an eyeglass cleaning kit, the cloth in there is totally safe to use on the NGL.


          You shouldn't get too many fingerprints on the screen, unless you're eating particularly greasy foods while reading.  Though should you wish to clean the screen I would suggest using one of those to wipe it down.  If the fingerprints (or whatever) persist, I would wet a tissue (preferably one that's soft puffs plus for example are fine), squeeze it so that it's only damp, and lightly rub the screen, then use either the lint free cloth or a dry tissue to wipe away the dampness from the NGLs screen.


          If you're trying to remove dust from the screen a q-tip that is slightly damp will do the trick just fine. 


          Always keep in mind you shouldn't need to press down with force.  Just brush the screen lightly. 


          A good example of the lack of force you should use: take your finger and touch a surfect.  Your goal is to make contact with the surface but not to cause the tip of your finger to spread around the side. 


          That's not to say you -can't- use more, but that's all the force you should need unless you've spilled something on the screen.