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    Unusable icon

      I have 2 icons for tune in radio. One works the app. the other just sits there. I cannot delete it. Short press nothing happens. Long press gives me 'move to new shelf or move to home page. If I delete the working icon they both delete. When I reinstall the app, both icons appear. How can I get rid of the unworkable icon?



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          I have had this same issue and have read of other apps that appear "duplicate" times on device in other forums too (this being one of the forums). I only know of two ways to resolve this:

          1. Deregister and Reset the device  (a lot of work and not sure if this will permanently fix in future);

          2. "Hide" the unusable icon. Go to Edit Profile -> Manage Content -> Apps -> Deselect the unusable icon. If you select the wrong icon, just go back and select the other one since the tune in app probably looks the same. It did on mine.


          This appears to occur after an update is installed and the "older" version sticks for some reason. Hopefully B&N will fix in future.


          I've done both methods above and they do work but are more of a work-around, especially the second option.


          Hope this helps!

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            My guess is that this is a side-effect of a "fix" that went into version 2.1.1 of the NOOK firmware (August, 2013). That was intended to fix a problem where an app's icon disappeared from the home screen whenever you updated that app from Google Play. It was really quite annoying, especially for apps that update very frequently (Twitter, I'm looking at you).


            My guess is that the fix leaves the home screen icon in place during the update. But if the update includes a different icon, you end up with both icons.


            It's a less annoying problem, in my opinion, but it's still a problem. Alas, there's no indication that B&N will ever put out a newer version of the firmware, so we're stuck with it. Hiding the old icons via your profile is probably the only practical solution.

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                Actually I think that this happens because of the app developers occasionally using a different file name for their .apk install package for newer versions  hence the duplicate icons. Hiding the other icon may work, but it is only a band aid fix since it'll remain on the device taking up valuable space. The only real way to get rid of them is to deregister the nook then re-download the apps. A pain, but sadly it is the only way to get rid of them on non-rooted nooks.