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    What a terrible experience trying to publish on Pubit.  Wow.

      Seriously, did BN even think through a workflow for publishing on this platform?


      Compared to publishing on the Kindle, this is hell.


      We are not a small company, and sell tens of thousands of titles per year.


      * Our books have been in processing limbo for a week now, with no indication of what's wrong

      * The only title which states "On Sale" displays an error when we try to visit it

      * Sending emails to BN support never get replied to

      * Calling BN directly yields terrible customer service, from attendants who give a different answer every time.

      * Being told our account info failed a tax ID check, even though there was ZERO indication of this online (how on Earth were we supposed to know this if the system accepts it?). And zero follow-up on whether it was fixed.

      * We are constantly told someone will "email us or call us back" and never hear from BN again


      What an absolutely horrible system and support structure this platform has.


      At this point, we're almost ready to pull our support for this platform altogether if we can't get these items resolved.  There's no sense in calling every day when clearly nobody at BN cares about selling our books.


      Absolutely stunned at this experience.




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          Wow-that seems like an unusual experience.  I've published 7 things with them and have only had great experiences.  I even like their website better than Amazon's.  It might be that estore retailers are still the wild west.  Even on the more experienced amazon site, there are many inconsistencies for what types of fomatting people should do.  On the good side, remember that you are the leader on the edge of a new publishing transition in history -- and what an opportunity this is.  There's always going to be problems at first, but later it will indeed get easier.  Trust me, it's not just BN, all the ereader stores are scrambling to staff their departments and help as much as they are able (at least that's what my experience is)


          Hang in there!-Kate



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            There have been some gliches...And I have been really discouraged a time or two...but you know what? Things are getting better. I feel for what you are experiencng...B & N has been weighed down with many problems, trying to fix things..,And I do believe it will get better and right itself soon. Things are beginning to pick up for me. And I think they are for others, too. Hopefully, they will right themselves for you, as well. I wish you good luck!

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              I too have had my doubts at times, but believe me when I say that PubIt! has gotten much better than it was when B&N first debuted the program several months ago.  Sure, there are still kinks to work out that get on my nerves, but I have hope that things will improve because they already have in so many areas.  Just keep the faith and give it some time.  Good luck to us all!:smileywink:


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                I'm stuck in the same spot...processing limbo for 4 weeks. I'm tired of checking my profile everyday only to see the same thing. PROCESSING...My tax information is all correct...if I changed anything it would be incorrect. How many months do I have to wait for my books to be published?

                What do I do to fix it?

                Why doesnt anyone care at B&N?