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    Nook Color Shows to be Charging after being unplugged

      For the last 2 weeks, whenever I charge my battery when it is below 30% remaining, it shows to still e charging after it has been unplugged.  Then, when you turn it completely off and back on, it shows to only have about 65%-70% of battery life left even though it had been plugged in for 8 hours.  When I spoke to a Nook Color Chat person they told be I had to turn it completely off when I charged it.  However, the website says do not turn it off just let it go to sleep.  Is anyone else having this problem?  My Nook Color is only 1 month old.

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          My NC did the same thing last week. It showed that it was still charging after being unplugged. I wasn"t really aware of how much charge I had before I plugged it in but after I rebooted it everything worked fine. Your nook support person was wrong to tell you that the NC has to be off to charge it. I guess they don't have to read the user guide to get that job! Glad you did though.
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            My NookColor shows charging once in awhile when it isn't plugged in.  The way to stop that is to completely shut the Nook off and then re-start it.  I find that if that "charging" symbol is flashing the Nook loses battery charge very quickly and if left in that state makes the corner of the Nook get hot to the touch.


            This has happened 3 or 4 times in the last few months so I make sure I check the charging symbol regularily as I am turning it on or setting it down.  It doesn't seem to start "charging" when not in use just as you are waking it up.  Good luck!

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              I am having this same issue with my "replacement" NC. I noticed that for the past one week, the charging icon remains active after I unplug. This has been happening every day and when I reboot, the icon disappears. But once the battery is low and I charge the NC again, and unplug, the icon comes back up.


              This is the second issue I have had with my NC. My original NC stopped charging when plug it in and I was asked to return it to B&N for a replacement refurbished NC since I am still under warranty. Now, I am having issues with the refurbished NC. I am thinking of returning this NC and asking for my money back because I have not really enjoyed owning a NC. It's been only 3 months since I purchased my original NC.






                • Happens to me frequently

                  Not only does it do this, but then it rapidly discharges the battery.  I've had this happen the last two times I took it to work so I could read it at lunch.  Plugged it in overnight (actually, longer).  Unplugged in the morning on the way to work.  Go to lunch, pull it out, and it's completely discharged.  Today, I managed to catch it before it fully discharged and rebooted it to stop the discharging.


                  Very aggravating, and I believe it started after the last software update.  It never did this in the past (I've had it since they first came out).  Is this the planned obsolescence so I'll buy the new nook HD?