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    Free NOOKbooks? Newbie Question

      I am a new Nook owner. On the NOOK page, it says there are over a million titles free. Where are these books? The only free titles I've found are samples, not full text books. Even when I do a search for titles like Moby Dick, which I thought was public domain, it shows a price next to it. What am I doing wrong?



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          Most classics at Barnes & Noble, like Moby Dick, have a price.  They have added content though like commentaries and such.  If you want free classics, you will have to try Gutenberg Project, just Google it.  To see the free books, go to the Barnes & Noble website and in the search box type: 0.00 and it should pull up the free books.  Also, there is a gentleman on here named Doug, that keeps us posted about free ebooks also.  Hope you enjoy your new Nook!

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            Also don't forget that there is the "Free Nookbooks" section available that pops down when you select "Nookbooks" on the Barnes and Noble site. 


            Another place to find freebies is through links here that normally the alwas helpful Doug puts up in a freebie thread. And there don't forget to check the signature of people who post here. Some have links to other website where there are nook forums or blogs, direct links to free books available here (cough cough me), or links to cool projects like the just past national novel writers month that had freebie books at various websites.