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    N2A - removing normal microSD card

      As with any connected, mounted, or otherwise accessed device/card,

      I normally try to ensure that it is not being used, and unmounted, stopped, or ejected.


      The Nook2Android FAQ has this entry - which goes against all previous common sense -

      WHY would you remove the normal microSD card while powered on ?



      Before installing the Nook2Android Card you must remove an existing microSD BEFORE powering off your Nook. If this step is skipped for whatever reason you will need to perform the following steps

      1. Power down the Nook fully
      2. Insert the original microSD card (not the Nook2Android)
      3. Boot up the Nook as you would normally
      4. Take out the card once you are back into the Nook OS
      5. Power down the Nook fully again
      6. Insert the Nook2Android card
      7. Turn on the Nook

      From there, the Nook should boot into Android as normal

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           I too wondered about that esp since on their direction sheet it states in red at the very top of the page to NOT remove the N2A card while the NC is powered up....but despite that, I figured I'd follow what they wrote to the letter, for whatever reason they wanted the NC on before you pulled out your own micro card....very happy with now being able to dual boot to NC or the N2A (I doubt I will ever go back to the NC).


           I just got the card today and slowly learning how to get around things, and get things. Just registered for their forum as well ...which probably would be a great place to post that question (or emailing them as they are very responsive in getting back to folks)



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            I have a question about this.  I have a SD card with lots of books and apps from the Nook Color. I am switching to the N2A and wonder about getting the stuff from that SD card to the new one, including apps and installed items (quickoffice, EZPDFreader etc).


            Do I simply copy the files to my computer from the Nook Color SD card, switch out the cards and then drag them back into the new SD Card On the Nook Color?


            Thank you!