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    cant find eBook in nook or online library

      This may be answered already so I apologize... I bought an eBook not long ago and now cannot find it in the cloud, my library (when I log into my account) nor my nook.... what can I do to retrieve what I officially bought?


      Thank you!



      Amy Perez

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          If you have multiple accounts set up, make sure you are looking in the correct account. Check your purchase history to see if it shows up. Is it possible you deleted it instead of archiving it/move to cloud?
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              Thank you for responding Kamas716!


              No, I don't have multipe accounts; after sending the email I realized that I had to get a refurbished nook after my original one failed (backlight). But I figured it should be under my account. Its is possible I may have deleted it in hindesight, but I dont think so becase I loved the book!  Then I realized that seperate device numbers may be the case. I'm assuming I'll have to decide whether I want to purchase it once more.

              Once more, thank you! If you have any other thoughts please -by all means let me know!


              Be well!