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    Strategy games for Nook Color?



      We are one of the Nook Apps developers specializing in strategy games (despite the fact we published few arcade and puzzle ones) and would like to know what kind of strategy games you'd like to play on your NookColor? Would you prefer a turn-based/board game or a real-time strategy one? Do you consider networked multiplayer or hot-seat multiplayer an important feature?


      We have published a turned based strategy game, Vampires Vs Werewolves (can be played with a friend), and thinking to expand our offering of strategy apps.



      We would love to hear your feedback! Thank you!

       Game Amour - Nook Apps developer & publisher


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          Hex Empire


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            I would love to see a Stratego type of game.

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              I'd happily pay for a game that lets me play the old Infocom type games. There are hundreds of free "games" for Frotz that works on the iPad and Wiggle for Android but nothing for Nook (I don't want to root my nook). I don't know how much alike the nook2 and Nookcolor are, but from a reader's point of view, those games would work just as well on both platforms. Activision might even be pursuaded to sell their games again although personally, I already have most of the Infocom ones--I just need an app to render them on my Nooks.

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                When you say "An Old Chinese Game similar to stratego" if you mean "Go", PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an app for it! I know so many people that would love to have Go on nook color.  You could probably even work with the GnuGo project to get a lot of sources for free.


                Also, I agree with the idea of turn based RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics and the like.  Those are always a crowd pleaser for the tablet community.



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                  I am new to "boards". My suggestion isn't a strategy game necessarily but I would love to be able to play Alchemy (by 'Zed') on my NC. I know it is Android based and my husband plays it on his iPhone. I believe I can do it if I "root" it but I would rather not. So I am submitting it as an idea, but if you or anyone knows if I can get it for me NC please let me know where. Thank you I do not mind paying for it either.

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                    Thank you all for great comments! We'll be announcing a new game soon, so stay tuned! :smileywink:




                    We have a game featuring gameplay using the action cards on the way.




                    Some of our games will have the time/resource management mechanics.




                    Actually, "An Old Chinese Game similar to stratego" was old chinese game "Dou Shou Qi" translated as "Animal Chess" or "Game of Fighting Animals". Thanks for the other suggestions!




                    There are quite few games similar to Alchemy in different app stores (like "Doodle God"), they are more of match-3 games than a strategy, but quite fun! I cannot recall if I saw Alchemy in Android market... You probably have to wait for the original author to bring it to Nook Apps, otherwise rooting is the only way...



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                      I would love to see Scrabble for NC! It's my favorite game. It has also made me a better reader. I'm trying harder books because now I have a better vocabulary to understand what is be said. Please work on that fir me. My kids also want NC for Christmas this year. I am willing & able to do so but I don't won't just stupid games added. Id like to see more vocabulary games to build their reading as well as their eye hand coordination.
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                        I see a lot of requests for Scrabble. We're evaluating a posibility to make a vocabulary related game.

                        I think I can refer to one of our apps, Add-O-Matic , as an educational game which helps with math skills, practice eye-hand coordination (fine-motor skills) and reaction, it's a math puzzle/arcade game and it's on sale right now for only $0.99. In fact, I was told, that one of the child therapist is using Add-O-Matic with some kids to practice their fine-motor skills (which is amazing).




                        I think the respective developer can be found when looking at developer profile in Android Market, quite often there is a link to their website.

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                          Hero Quest & Space Crusade -type games would be nice, and also the ability to play the strategy/board games with multiple players over the network would be really really nice. Carcassone gets my vote as well!

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                            Thank you all for your comments! We listen!


                            I just wanted to mention that we have published a new board game Reversi Deluxe:


                            Reversi Deluxe     



                            Available now on your NC!

                            The game features fun 3 computer players (by the level of difficulty) with unique personalities in single-player mode. You can also challenge a friend and make your NC a table top board for Reversi with a unique hot-seat design. 


                            Please, let us know what you think!

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                              Would like:


                              4 way chess... with 4 player options

                              3d chess(3 boards over each other) - with 2 player options

                              hanafuda - with 4 player options

                              go - with 2 player options

                              spades - 4 player options

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                                Stay simple at first. You're not going to be able to find an enormous market niche at first, but, here's what you must know: a really good strategic game application will keep your base very loyal, but I understand the software developers must pick and choose what's best.


                                Here's my take. Do market research on who are the most loyal gameplayers, and what games they play. Allow for network games. Trust me, you'll win the apps war hands down.


                                Here's my list:

                                Diplomacy - simple, yet entertaining.

                                Simple strategic board games from the WWII, Civil, or Napoleonic wars.

                                A classic wooden ships and iron men game originally from avalon hill.

                                A simple hex-based RPG - simple but make it multiplayer over a network.


                                Possible? I'm sure it is. The problem is, finding and marketing the killer application, finding the loyal gameplayers, and advertising like mad. You just need one to hook the community, but make it a strategic game played by adults. It's a really tough world with all the competition, but it's your best hope.


                                Good luck.


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                                  I would very, very, very much appreciate a version of Mahjongg that played REAL Mahjongg. Not the tile matching games that are mis-named Mahjongg. Hong Kong rules would probably be most popular but Japanese Riichi rules would be awesome. And if you could make it so that you could play online (vs real people) OR offline (vs computer opponents) it would really rock. I'd even put you on my Christmas Card list :smileywink:


                                  Another good board/strategy game to get to market ..... TALISMAN! Oh the numerous, sleepless nights spent playing that. Just the basic set would be fine, no need for the bazillion expansion packs ... at least to start.



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                                    We have released an new strategy game: Bugs Tower Defense




                                    Screen shot

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