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    Why the NHD+ and not Galaxy Tab 2?

      I've owned an NC for two years and i love it.  My wife wants to give me an HD or HD+ for Christmas.  But as i read the problems here I've been thinking maybe I should get something like a Galaxy Tab 2.  Points I'm considering:



        --great screen

        --I like the Nook stock reader. 

        --HDMI output...eventually


      Tab 2  (16gb currently $299)

        --full Android Market

        --usb host feature

        --digital camera


      I would like to get another Nook product, but I'm asking myself if i wouldn't be better off with a full featured Android tablet.  I would miss the stock reader and the ability to quickly look up words, but would gain a bunch of apps.  What am I missing to keep me in the Nook fold?




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          Big question: what regular Android apps do you need/want that you aren't getting on the Nook? Just how important are they to you? At the end of the day, I decided there were very few Android apps that I HAD to have on my tablet that I don't already get via my Nook. Part of the reason for that is that I already get the location-based apps on my phone and don't care about having them on my tablet. I don't want GPS burning up my tablet battery and don't need another camera device. Other people HAVE to have some apps from the Google Play Store on their tablet so would be better off with the Galaxy Tab 2 or similar device. There ARE some Google Play Store apps that I'd like but either can't have or would need to purchase again on the Nook but they aren't terribly important to me -- YMMV.
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            How I am seeing it is with the launch of HD and HD+, The Microsoft deal and Nook UK, I see apps coming in a major way to nook soon. Example Spotify which just came in today. So far they are adding stuff never seen on nook before. EA has already said all their apps will be available for nook soon. As one with a galaxy 2.0 plus myself and an Ipad 2 I have fallen in love with my HD+ even more they just need to add more apps to their collection and they are set.
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              The best reason to buy the galaxy is that it is open without rooting.

              Camera is useless except for video calls.

              Screen only 149 dpi

              speakers, probably worse than hd+

              significantly heavier


              Equivalent cpu, both have propietary cables, batteries equivalent. Given the screen is the most expensive component by quite a bit I would get the HD+ and after 3 months root it if not satisfied with the BN software.

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                During Black Friday weekend at Costco, the Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0") is $70 off the regular price of $239 (ie, $169), and the 10.1" version is $100 off (I don't know the "regular" price on that one).


                I had the 7.0" version for about a week and liked it, but I found a 2nd Acer Iconia A500/32GB used (from a good friend), and I decided that six Android devices (my phone, two Nook e-Ink readers, the Nook Tablet, and two A500s) was enough (why I need two of some, is that I use them in a critical availability application), so I returned the Galaxy.


                In the (3) devices I have which have GPS, the GPS is only turned on when I am using an application that needs it.


                The camera is useful for depositing checks into my bank.  Many (most?) banks offer a specialized app (in the Android Market Google Play app section) for doing this, and it is very convenient:  The app takes a picture of the front and back of the check, you press "Send", and about 15 minutes later (during banking hours), the money is in your checking account.  Works on any check with MICR account encoding.


                I've gotten good service out of my Nook Tablet for the past year, but at this point I would instead unhesitatingly recommend the Galaxy Tab 2.  No more fighting B&N.


                By the way, the Acer A500 is still a good deal, with a micro HDMI port, two USB ports (one slave, one host).  The supplied Acer covers initially appear flimsy, but after a year of use, they appear to be indestructable.

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                  I've owned a SGT 2 7.0 for many months now, and am quite pleased. A few highlights:


                  • No more worrying about access to apps I want or need. Open access to the Google Play Store is refreshing. While I may not need every one of the hundreds of thousands of available apps, I am glad to be able to cherry pick the best of breed in each category according to my criteria. There may only be 2-3 apps not in the B&N store, but those are likely to be ones I care about very much. I tired of fighting B&N's limitations on my NC and NT.
                  • The rear camera is very useful, IMO. I use it with Evernote to capture whiteboard sessions. I no longer need to carry a pen and paper to meetings, and I can send my notes out to my team at the end of each meeting. It's not a Leica, but it's with me, and takes good pictures of that sort.
                  • The front camera is sufficient for Skype. I don't use it often, but it has proven useful on occasion.
                  • 3rd party reader apps (e.g. Mantano Premium) give a lot more control over my library, incorporating both B&N and non-B&N epubs and PDFs into a common reading experience. All features are available on all content. No more handling content differently depending on where it was purchased.
                  • Amazon MP3 and Google Play cloud library for music is handy, especially if I change what I want loaded while on the road.
                  • Applying the "quality" argument to Samsugn is silly. Samsung produces a lot of the hardware Apple and other top-line manufacturers use. The Nexus 10, built by Samsung, is faring very well in display comparisons against Apple's lineup.
                  • The screen resolution is lower than some of the newer devices. For my primary purpose -- reading -- this hardly matters. Black text on a white background doesn't look spectacularly different between devices, and I prefer a mid-sized font anyhow.
                  • If you do care about movies and such, I'd wait another 3-6 months. Samsung's sure to release more devices with increased resolution. If you really care so much about video, perhaps a larger (10 inch) device is what you're after? I didn't expect my 7 inch screen to compete with my flatscreen TV.
                  • The price differential between the Samsung & Google devices & B&N's has diminished considerably since the first NC was released. If you might ever want more than B&N offers, you're going to have to hope the dev community works around the roadblocks B&N puts in your way. Otherwise, you're stuck. It's a gamble. On the other hand, if you do find the B&N marketplace compelling (I do not), then a NOOK device makes sense and will give you the best experience.

                  The deciding factor for me was the B&N marketplace. If I don't plan on spending a lot of time in their walled garden, buying a device intended to lock me into that world makes little sense. The only NOOK device I'll consider now, after having gone through NST, NC and NTs, is an eInk device, and that only so long as no other more open alternative is available.


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                    I think the biggest thing against the Nook is that the range of apps isn't very large.


                    As other people have pointed out - you need to figure out your list of Must Have apps and see which aren't available for Nook.


                    Nook Software issues will gradually get resolved. Store and Range of Apps will also grow over time.


                    However, it might not (probably will not) ever be as good as Android Market.


                    On the other hand the screen is very good and the build quality will perhaps be better than a Samsung Tablet.


                    It's a tough decision.


                    What are your 5 most frequent uses for a Tablet?


                    If it's mostly things like surfing the web and reading and movies then you need to consider the impact of the better screen and better pixel density of HD+.


                    If it's mostly things like games and apps then Android Market will be far ahead of Nook Store for at least the next 2-3 years.

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                      5ivedom wrote:

                      [...] If it's mostly things like surfing the web and reading and movies then you need to consider the impact of the better screen and better pixel density of HD+.

                      If those are the biggest factors, and a larger device is already under consideration, doesn't the 2560x1600 resolution of the Nexus 10 need to be compared to the 1920x1280 of the HD+? Jeremy didn't mention cost, so I'm not how much of a factor that is, but if I were a movie fanatic, what makes the HD+ good makes the Nexus 10 better in that regard.


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                        1- Nook HD+ screen has a lot more ppi (better for reading)

                        2- Nook HD+ has no air gap, laminated screen and higher brightness..

                        3- Nook HD+ is very light


                        The rest is about the same, because there is a way you can sideload apps from google play..


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                          What sold me on the HD+ was the same thing that sold me on the Nook Color: best screen for the money at the time. As with the Nook Color when it released, the screen quality is competetive with the highest-end tablets in the market, but at half the price and with no crippling compromises under the hood. I wouldn't have pulled the trigger if folks at XDA hadn't come up with a reproducible (though rather involved) method to enable Google Play, but now that I have the HD+ in my hands, I could kind of see getting along with just stock. I only dealt with the 2.0 firmware in the display models at Target (before I got them all online and updated), but on 2.0.2 the web browser is snappy and the reader is quite solid. I already get all my e-magazines from B&N (about the only thing I get from them) and otherwise the stock reader found the EPUBs on my SD just fine. CBZs have to be opened individually to get them in the library and CBRs have to be converted to CBZs on a PC, but those aren't massive hurdles. The UI is intuitive and responsive. If the stock launcher would recognize my Google Play apps, I would be using it as my default.


                          The way I see it, the only comparable alternative to the HD+ is an iPad 3 or 4. If the screen isn't a priority, any Android tablet will do, and if apps are a priority, no Android tablet can stand up to iOS. If you want the worst of both worlds, I suppose there's also Amazon. 


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                            I'd go with an alternate device. I bought the Nook HD+ because of the HDMI outlet. However, since I can't use any of the apps I would like to use stream video (HBO Go) or music I wouldn't use it anyway.


                            I wanted to do some simple calculations and went to the B&N app store to look for a calculator and found I needed to pay $1 for that app. Really?


                            It's probably fine if you've never owned a smartphone to know what a real app store should look like, but if you have, you'll be nothing but dissapointed. I can see why B&N wants to protect themselves, but to go out of their way to lock this device down is quite annoying.

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                              The two main things I do with my Nook Tablet are watching movies and reading magazines.I've ordered the HD+, but I haven't got it yet.


                              For watching movies, I insist on having an SD card slot. And I hear this screen can't be beat (at this price) for reading magazines.


                              It sucks that the apps I bought on my Android phone, I'm supposed to buy all over again for my Nook. My Olive Tree Bible program keeps track of their customers in their own database, so I only have to install the free version on my Nook and then download all my paid stuff onto it. Kudos to them for that!


                              GT2 has a lesser screen and costs more. I ordered my HD+ on Cyber Monday and got $40 off. Pretty easy choice for me. Now, if it would just arrive on my doorstep...

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                                kevinp wrote: ... My Olive Tree Bible program keeps track of their customers in their own database, so I only have to install the free version on my Nook and then download all my paid stuff onto it. Kudos to them for that!




                                Yes, I first bought a number of items from them for my Windows 5 smartphone.  As I've moved to different mobile devices, I just install their reader (which is free), and then download all my previously purchased items to the new device.


                                A nice implementation of "buy once, read everywhere".

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                                  There is a menu to turn off the alarms, but it crashes if I try to change anything.