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    Wish list problems


      How in the heck do I remove books that I've purchased from my wishlist?


      I use the wish list to keep track of the publication dataes of desired books. When the book is published, I remove it from my wish list and place the order. When the order is filled, the book reemains on the wishlist although I removed it. There are now about 10 of these and it's getting tiresome.


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          I don't think you can.... :smileysad:

          Schwa raised it as an issue here http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-Issue-Reporting/idb-p/newNOOIssueReporting - third item down - and if you give it Kudos it goes up the ranking to be fixed, apparently.


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            I'm so impressed you can even see your wishlist.  I haven't seen mine for about a year.  I think it works when I go into a store, but nowhere else.  I used to be able to get to it if I cleared my search history and recently viewed list, but that hasn't worked for a long time.

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              Ack!  Something similar just happened to me. 


              Previously, if I purchased a book that was on the wish list, it would remain on the list, but if I selected the item I could go to the display page for that item and select the "heart-minus" icon, which would remove it from the wish list.


              Not sure when that method quit working, but apparently it has.  Purchased a book about 2 weeks ago, and noticed it still on the wish list.  But when I go to the item description, there's NO wishlist icon, minus-ed or otherwise.




              Without serious diligence, this makes the wish list pretty much useless.  Eventually it's going to fill up with purchased items, and there will be no room for "wish" items.


              Is B&N hellbent on killing their own business, or what?