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    Nook color 1.1 update

      I have a Nook color and am trying to update it. Everytime I drag the downloaded update to the nook and wait, then eject it the update doesn't happen. Help am I just stupid or impatient. 

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          Put it to sleep and wait a few minutes.  It takes a little while for the update to start and the NC has to be sleeping.

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            I was also waiting around impatiently for the auto-update that never seemed to get here (perhaps that was the said impatience)


            When I initially went to manually update to 1.1.0 from 1.0.1, I finished downloading and immediately moved the file to the main drive as instructed. Didn't work. I waited overnight just in case, lol.


            So, the problem ended up being that when I plug my NC into my laptop, for some reason Windows7 (latest updates) recognizes the device as being 2 drives, one titled "Removable Drive" which contained all my books and one titled "My NookColor" (very strange!) and I was copying the file into the drive titled "Removable Drive" which was not the correct one. Once I noticed what the computer was doing I copied the file into the second drive "My NookColor" and it worked like a charm.


            This might not fix your problem but wanted to post this in case anyone else experienced this.

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                I would have never have known about the update had I not seen it here.  So when I came home from work, I turned on my NC. About 45 minutes later I noticed a green symbol had appeared.  It was installing this software update.  I watched the yellow bar go across.  When it got all the way across, the NC turned off & then restarted.  I looked to see if the update was really there & it is.


                Lee :smileyhappy:

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                I was having the same problem. I was on 1.0.0 and flashed it to 1.0.1. I also took the extra precaution of using chrome browser vs.. IExplorer and clear the file from lost-dir. Then my Nook Color updated to 1.1.0-- Hope this helps 

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                    I found the solution to my issue (not being able to update from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0).  The file on the B&N website appears corrupted.  For the last few days the file has had an md5 hash of:



                    'riffraff pointed out that his md5 value was:



                    I went to a B&N store and had them give me the one sitting on their computer.  Sure enough, the md5sum matched riffraffs and my nook updated.


                    If you are having problems, grab a free 'md5sum' utility on the web and run it against the image to see if it returns the right value.  Checking file size is not a gaurantee.



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                    I was having the same problem today I tried it 4 times before it finally took.  deleted and redownloaded each time.

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                        I have been trying to get this to work for about a month now, since they announced 1.0.1   I've heard so many options to get this to "take", and I'm about to give up.  B&N support told me to put the file under My FIles, and that didn't work.  Then they said to just "be patient", and that it was being released in batches.  Still nothing.  I even tried to deregister & erase it TWICE, and nothing.  I'm out of ideas.  Once I put it into the main Nook Color folder, do I leave it plugged in after I safely remove it?  Some people say to EJECT it vs. safely remove.  If they're going to release an update, make it quick.  I'm not the only one being driven crazy by this!!  I've got about 8 hours of sitting here and trying to get this to update.  Any ideas (other than being committed?)


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                        I also have been extremely frustrated trying up update to 1.1 and would like to share the steps I took that finally allowed me to update. I found these hints at another Forum.  Not sure if Hint #2 is necessary but included it right after Hint #1 just in case.  Waited until Nook color went to sleep and the update kicked in automatically.


                        1st Hint I used: "[ using your Nook's web browser ] Go to the update software page at BN and download the "Sideload.update.zip" file directly to your Nook.  It will download to your "My Files\My Downloads" folder. Plug your Nook into your computer, find the "Sideload.update.zip" file in "My Files->My Downloads" and just MOVE it to the main directory, without dragging it back to/from your computer."


                        2nd Hint I used: "i just renamed Sideload_update.zip to "sideload_update.zip" notice the lowercase.
                        Bingo! it worked


                        Not sure what proper Forum etiquette is but wanted to be sure to point out that I found these Hints at [www.mobileread.com/forums]. Also should add, did not do any checksum steps at all.