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      Does Barnes & Noble plan to actually invest some time and effort into firmware upgrades and actual technical support or should we all just move on to another reader?  Just curious.

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          From what I've seen, no.  I definitely will get a non-Nook tablet as my next tablet.  I'm jonesing for the Galaxy Tab.  However, I really need an e-ink device so I can read outside.  I love my husband's Kindle Paperwhite, but most of my unread ebooks are Nook.  I do have quite a few Kobo and Kindle books through their apps, but I'll probably get a Nook Glowlight.  

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            What is it you are looking for when you say firmware upgrades?  Android, bug fixes, new features?  From my interaction with Customer Care  they seem on top of everything that I have called them about.

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              Bug fixes, new sorting features, a better shelf system.  The CS reps currently do their best with what they have, but in most cases they simply provide workarounds for problems, and cannot really fix the core issues people are having.