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    HD troubles since 2.1.0 update

      Ever since my nook HD automatically updated to the 2.1.0 version, my home screen keeps freezing. It tends to happen most often when I switch from using the web and going to the homepage. I'm unable to scroll through my home page and when I select a book that I wish to read, the menu screen open up. (View Details, etc.) The only way I've found to get it back to normal is to power off, and power back on. Any other suggestions?

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          That definitely should not be happening. I really hate to think you might have to do a reset to fix it, but that might fix it. Someone else might know more. Post it in the Nook Issue thread for one, check back here frequently to see if someone has a better solution for you and if there is a BN near you, I'd take it in and have it looked at.


          If you call CS, they will definitely tell you to unregister and then register again, and do a reset so if that is what you decide to do...do that before you call so you can say "that didn't work". If it does work, you won't need to call. I speak from experience here, I've had good luck with CS but only because they ALWAYS tell me to do that, therefore I do it before I call. It saves time on the phone with them and more time getting real answers.

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            I have noticed a lag in the home screen refresh when returning, that wasn't there before. Is there any chance this is related to whether you have chosen to select google back up services in your settings? 

            If the home screen settings and Google back up settings. 

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              What browser are you using?


              Try to use another browser like Firefox or Dolphin or Puffin.


              It is possible that the browser is using a lot of memory and then when you return it isn't clearing up memory cleanly or there is a memory leak.


              How many tabs do you have open? Do you go to a lot of websites with images and video? Are you using something like NEtflix or online Videos streaming via browser?


              If it's stuff like this then you should make sure you CLOSE the Browser (kill it). And also use a good browser - you might have to try a few.

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                THanks 5ivedome. i didn't think about it maybe being a browser problem. Since the majority of my usage is reading, I don't always notice things like this. My computer is right here, it's easier to type with so I tend to use that. I'm not too lazy to get up and walk over to it...yet. LOL!


                The only time I've ever had problems with it freezing up is when it is loading the library. Since I avoid opening the main library, I tend to forget it freezes up. I have a lot of books and it only sorts by title and author, recent, etc. Or it does now finally. Trying to get to a book in the middle of the list almost always freezes it up and I have to close the libray. It has gotten better, but it still freezes up by the time I get to the F's. I put all my on device BN books on a shelf to avoid trying to find them in the main library and it also separates them from the cloud books. Then I use the Calibre Companion to access my Sideloaded books without having to deal with the main library.