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    The Great Nook Camera Debate!

      I think it would be great if the nook had an accessorie that was a camera you could plug it in a the bottom where you put the charger or at the top where you put head phones. It would be a little web cam type thing you plug it in to the nook and walla you have a camera that you can use for skype (if they ever get that app) I cant really think of any cons in this other than them comming out with a new nook that has a camera built in WHICH WOULD MAKE THOSE OF US WITH THE NOOK COLOR AND NOOK TABLET VERY UNHAPPY!!! But if you can think of any please put those in a reply. If you agree please click the laurel leaf.

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          There are at least a couple of barriers that come to mind:


          1. Size and bulk: The most likely connection would be via the microUSB connector at the bottom. This connector is fragile, and won't support much strain. Any such attachment would have to provide support, most likely along the enclosure. It will probably be pretty bulky.


          2. Cost: A new NOOK Tablet costs $200-$250. Full-on 7 inch tablets are now available for $250 that provide front and rear cameras, bluetooth and GPS for $250, not to mention full market (Play Store) access and Android 4 (ICS) OS. If such an add-on camera costs $30, you might as well consider a different tablet. Would they sell enough to make it worthwhile?



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              that's ridiculous. They should be building them with built in dual cameras like all the other tablets. Also should be able to side load all apps and books and have up to 64G memory to start with and expandable, anything less is stupid. They should stop gearing their tablets to housewives and be realistic. Housewives and everyone else is buying tables with these features and if they don’t have them then they go somewhere else. This is why they are having problems competing. Their mindset needs to change and now!!!!