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    BBC iplayer = blank screen

      Good evening fellow Nook owners.


      Got a brand new Nook HD+ and the first problem I'm finding is that BBC iplayer will play sound, but will only give me a blank screen (all black). I have checked I have up to date BBC iplayer and BBC Media player. I have emptied the cache from both.


      It did work briefly, but after powering up the device fully, I can't get a moving picture any more...


      Any ideas or helpful suggestions, please?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Dyte, Are you using the iplayer app or accessing iplayer on your browser?

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              Hi Albion Rose (lovely name, BTW)

              Thank you for responding.

              I downloaded the latest update for the Nook HD+ (ver 2.2.0) and now BBC iplayer works both in browser and app.

              So that seems to have sorted the problem for me! Hooray!

              I was just looking at the ITV player on their website, and it says "not compatible with your device"...is this correct?

              It asked if I wanted to try in Google Chrome or Play store. Is this what you were alluding to in your post? Is that the same as trying it either in browser or via app?

              Which is it best to go with to try and get it working?

              Would it run if I was running my nook with a full android (CyanogenMod) interface?

              The Nook HD+ is brand new to me and I'd rather not start messing around with changing the interface right away...

              Anyway, thanks again for your offer of help.
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                  I'm glad that it's working for you :smileyhappy:

                  The HD+ will not allow you to install Apps from external sources, like websites.  You can only easily download Apps from the B&N store or Google Play Store.  

                  There is a way of sideloading Apps using ADB, which is fine if you are technologically minded enough to get ADB working on your pc. If you put ADB HD into the search box you should get the threads which give more detail on this method.

                  The ITV App is available from Google Play Store, but the description says its designed for phones, and I get a 'your device is not compatible' warning when I look at it. From the reviews we aren't missing much! You can watch live ITV using the confusingly named 'TVCatchup' App, also in Google Play store.