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    No Video Titles on SD Card

      Just started working with the Nook HD+. If this issues has already been discussed elsewhere I apologize for the duplication, couldn't find it. Feel free to send me there.


      The issue I have is that the MP4 movies on my SD card, when viewed with the Gallery app, do not have any titles with them. The app is at least selecting a frame from the video to use as an icon but the frame selected does very little to help identify the movie. Is there a way to have it display the file name? I know that if I view the content of the SD card from "My Files" I will get the file names listed but I am wanting to use the Gallery app.


      On some media devices you can include a JPG image of the box cover of the movie and if the file names for the MP4 and the JPG match then the software will show the JPG image to represent the movie. Does the Nook HD+ do this?


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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          There is no way to get a movie cover on the movie in the nook library.


          Instead, download the Movie Gallery app by DVD Catalyst from the Nook app shop, and use it to view your sideloaded movies. The app allows you to select a movie cover for each movie; you tap on the movie in the list view when you are connected to the internet, and a selection of appropriate movie covers shows up based on the title of the movie. Be sure each movie is appropriately titled.