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    Pandora needs improvements



       I've noticed that the Pandora application will skip the current song and go to the next one when you bring it out of sleep mode and slid the "Wake up your NOOKcolor " bar. It even does this while in a different application or book when bring it out of sleep mode. It seems the bar is in the same place as the buttons for Pandora and the OS is assuming you are hitting one of those buttons (in this case the skip button) or the X Y cords are reporting you close enough to register it. I didn't see any post of anyone else complaining about the issue. Maybe it will be corrected when they update the OS to 2.2 but this is an annoying issue that could be fixed by moving that bar or where the buttons for the applications are located on screen.




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          I've got an issue in Pandora where it will play just one song. The song will end, then the info for the next song will appear, but no audio. The only way to hear something else is to hit pause, which makes the audio controls disappear, but it can take a very long time for something to play. The only other way to play anoter song is to pick another station. Sometimes I can get a good flow of about 3 songs to play, then it just stops. I think it's an issue with the wi-fi on sleep mode, as well as Pandora bugs on Nook Color. When I called tech support they told me they didn't spend a lot of time on Pandora, but that the next software update should fix it.

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            Pandora itself has been having issues in the past few days. I have heard from users utilizing iPhones and computers that it has been skipping songs and stalling. I believe this is an issue on their end.