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    Can't read my epub in the Nook for PC

      I have an epub I'm trying to upload for sale.  However, when I did so, and viewed it in the online viewer, the formatting was awful.  The sidebar said I should download Nook Viewer for the PC, which I did, and then download the file B&N had converted and view it on my Nook for PC viewer.


      I downloaded the converted book, but when I try to open it with the Nook viewer, nothing happens.  The viewer opens, but the only books available are the five sample books which apparently come with the program.  There doesn't seem to be any way to search my PC for the epub file I want to view, and it does not appear in the Nook window when I try to "Open With" Nook for PC.


      I was able to open that file in Adobe Digital Editions, but not the Nook viewer.


      Am I doing something wrong?  Or can I rely on the Adobe Digital Editions to represent faithfully what the book will look like opened with a Nook?