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    Synching between NC and NST

      I've had a Nook Color of a year and just bought the NST for its portability, battery life and ability to be read outdoors.  At night, in the relatively dim light of our living room, I find it easier to read on the NC.  During the day, I like to use the NTS.  I haven't been able to synch them reliably.  Sometimes, I pick up the NTS and I get a message that offers me a choice between the page I was on when last I used it and the later page from the other device.  More often, though, it's back where I stopped reading on it the day before.  I've synched with the NC when I finish with it.  But when I hit the sync button on the NST, nothing happens--the little arrows don't spin.  WIFI is working.  Is there a process or procedue I should follow to make sure that each device stays up to date with what I'm reading?