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    Nook HD - Ultra Violet Movies; dissatisfied customer

      Can someone please help.  The level of customer service I have received from B&N goes beyond words..... Needless to say I am overly disappointed. I have spoken to a total of 6 different representatives in less than a 48 hour span concerning a movie purchase that was supposed to be downloaded into my nook library and into my ultra violet account. When I called to speak to a customer service representative she first told me that the movie was not available for ultra violet; that is when I kindly told her I am on the website and it is showing under the ultra violet link as an available movie for ultra violet. After about 20 minutes on the phone, she told me she would escalate the issue but could not guarantee the movie would be available, she apologized and told me that the movie should not be listed under ultra violet. I requested for a refund in which I was told would be processed immediately. After about an hour, I noticed the refund had not been processed. I called back and spoke to someone else, this time I was on the phone for about 11 minutes; he apologized and assured me he had taken care of the refund and it would take 24 hours to process. A week later, no refund???  I called and spoke to a manager who again apologized and told me he would reach out to gift card services and he would call me back within 24 hours..... 24 hours pass.. And again... no phone call.  I call and speak to gift card services myself, this time on the phone for 40 minutes only to be told there is no record of a refund request and to call general customer service. I finally get a gift card in the mail (this is not what I was told I would be receiving) for $11.91 which is not the full price of the movie that I purchased.

      I decided to use the refund to purchase another movie...... only to find out that yet again the content had not been uploaded into my ultra violet account.  This time I try a different approach; I chat. 



      Secure Connection

      Chat session has ended.

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      Chat session has been closed due to inactivity.

                      We didn't hear from you for a while... Are you sure you want to end this live chat?            

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      You are now connected with Marie from BN.com

      Anita: Ultra Violet

      Marie: Thank you for joining Barnes and Noble Digital Chat Support! My name is Marie.

      Marie: Hi, Anita! I will be assisting you today.

      Anita: Hi Marie. I recently rented Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters through the Ultra-Violet link on the B&N website and the rental is not showing in my Ultra Violet account

      Marie: I understand that you are having issues with your UltraViolet.

      Anita: YEs

      Marie: I am sorry about that.

      Marie: Let me help you.

      Marie: Did you already link your UltraViolet account to your B&N account?

      Anita: YEs

      Marie: When did you link it?

      Anita: last month I believe.. not sure on the date.

      Anita: This is the second time that this situation has happened.  The last time I purchased Turbo and it never showed up in my UltraViolet Account but the Super Man movie did???

      Marie: Your data will be linked to your UltraViolet after 24 hours upon linking it.

      Anita: I already linked it... It was linked over a month ago

      The chat session has timed out and is now closed.

      Enter your message here...             
      As you can see.... Ironically my chat session ended without my concern being addressed.  I then call my local store to speak to a manager. She apologized and expressed the only way she could help me was if I bring the nook in.  I told her this nook belongs to my 6 year old son, who is 1 of 4 children. The B&N Store is about 40 minutes from my home. I am not for sure when I would be able to make a trip to the store.  I asked her if there was any way to escalate my concern for the level of customer service that has been rendered. Her response was to call 1-800-TheBook..... the exact same number that I would like to complain about...... I am at a total loss for words.  My 8 year old requested for a Nook HD for Christmas. I refused to purchase one due to the level of customer service that I have received.  Although my son does use his nook to read, we also purchase movies for him.  We have purchased a total of 3 from the B&N website, and only 1 out of the 3 is in our ultra violet account.
      * Although I did not go into great detail about every conversation that I had with B&N Representatives.... bottom line is that I am very unhappy with the level of service provided.