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    My NookColor won't connect to WPA2 encryption but will connect to WEP, why??

      Got my Nook Color on christmas day.  On Christmas day I was able to connect to a WPA2 at my family members house but I am not able to connect to the WPA2 at my home - why not? I think it is important to note that each time i was trying to connect to the WPA2, the Nook Color was telling me that i kept entering the wrong password and to try again.  Both me and my husband tried several times with no luck.  We also changed the password on the router and tried again with no luck.  We have a laptop that was connecting to the WPA2 with no problems. 


      I spent the morning chatting with the manufacturer of my router and he took me through various steps with no luck connecting to the WPA2.  He said we could rule out anything being wrong with the router as other devices, such as our laptop, are connecting to the WPA2.  After several tries, we had to resort to the WEP and were able to connect the Nook Color to the router through WEP. 


      The WEP is not my preferred method of use for the router and i would like to know why if Nook Color is supportive of a WPA2 and WEP why am i not able to connect to my WPA2 setting? 


      When i called the B&N Tech support number, the gentlemen told me that he was unsure of why i was having problems connecting to the WPA2 as the reports they are getting are that people are having trouble connecting through WEP.  He was putting in a report for B&N to look into the issue and get back to me via email but said it would probably be a day or two before i hear anything.  He also suggested that possibly post something here to see if there is anyone else with the same problem.   


      Any help is greatly appreciated.........

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          I had the same problem on the first morning. I am running a hidden SSID / WPA2 on Cisco 851W router. I did a manual setup and was denied access. I simply hit the icon in the lower corner, disabled and then re-enabled WIFI and then I was on. Go figure. Now that you hap WEP, have you installed. the 1.01 patch? Might be worth a try.


          I noticed there is no option to choose AES or TKIP authentication...have you tried both?

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              To add to what Foot said, the following are all suggestions for fixes listed by various users on this board. Hopefully one of them will solve your problem. :smileyhappy:


              1. You should be sure you're entering the password correctly (i.e.; check the box that says "show password" or whatever on the Nook Color and visually confirm). Sometimes the Nook Color keyboard is prone to double-typing letters.


              2. You should make sure your SSID is not hidden. I know Foot said he's using a hidden SSID, but I believe there have been comments on this board with users having problems getting their Nook Colors to work when the SSID is not being broadcast. Plus, it's a worthless feature anyway. :smileytongue:


              3. Cycle through the AES, TKIP, and/or TKIP+AES options for WPA/WPA2 and see if that makes a difference. I've read on these boards of all working fine on the Nook Color (I use WPA2 w/ AES), and all causing issues. :smileytongue: AES is obviously the best choice though, so you should use that if possible.


              4. You may want to try updating the firmware on your router.


              5. If you have the option on your router, turn off any bandwidth boosting features (e.g.; Linksys' Speedbooster).


              6. Play around with the wireless mode (a/b/g/n) and channel (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) settings. For example, setting the mode to "b/g" "b/g/n" or "g-only" may help. Note that the Nook Color doesn't support the 5 GHz band.


              #4, #5, and #6 are solutions to more general connectivity issues (i.e.; no Internet access on the client device), but I included them just in case nothing else works.

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              Also, just to confirm, you're using WPA2- Personal, correct? And you said you tried disabling MAC filtering? And your router is configured for DHCP (i.e.; you don't assign each device on your network a static IP)? And the error you're getting on the Nook Color is that the passphrase is incorrect?


              haha. And one more thing: you may want to go into your router settings and check for updated firmware, if you or your husband hasn't done this. That router could've been sitting on the shelf for a year, and in the meanwhile there could've been several firmware revisions since then. :smileyhappy:

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                I have similar problems. I am on WPA-TKIP with a Netgear WGR614 v7 router. I am able to connect to a different netgear router that has no security on it. The nearest barnes and noble is a 3 hour drive so I haven't tried that. Originally my nook would tell me it is connected then instantly drop the connection. It has never got past connected with no internet phase except on the other security free router. I know this is not a problem with the router as it is a a business and we have at least 2 other devices operating through it. I have read people who say the problem is that they need to tune it down to 54Mb/s but that is not the problem with mine as it is wireless g and therefore runs top speed at 54mb/s. Since it is a business I do not have access to any of the router's settings anyways. No problems with recognizing the password, but still problems elsewhere with the internet.

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                  I've been messing with this since Christmas day. I could connect my NC to WEP, but then my newer computers with Windows 7 wouldn't work with WEP.


                  A lot of good information, but here's what worked for me (I have a Belkin router):


                  Reset the router to factory defaults.


                  Get the manual out, or check on the manufacturer's website for the procedure. Once I powered everything back up and reset the security settings to WPA2...BINGO. Everything worked like a charm. I hope this helps someone keep their sanity. Good luck!




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                    I am still new to my NC and connect at home WEP no problem. When I am out trying to connect on free internet areas (tire store, McDonalds) I get the secured by WAP/WAP2 and I can't connect. I know I am putting in their passwords correct. What do I need to do, please?