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      Since the update my HD+ has slowed to a sleepy snails pace. Has anyone else noticed this? I've never had an issue with speed before. Well, except for the B&N website....doh.!


          Probably some apps running in the background. Try AppKiller at Google play. My HD+ is much faster since the update.


            Did you get carried away and download a bunch of new apps? Start checking the settings on those. What claimdude said, you probably have a bunch running in the background.  Also, if you dont have a need for Location Services, turn those off as well (tend to be a battery drain, IMO.) Its under settings.

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                I've only had my Nook a few days - it updated to 2.1 right away and ran perfectly well. Afer installing about 7 or 8 apps it slowed to a crawl. I did a full reset and it seems fine again. Is this common? Any ways around it? I have a list of about 15 apps that I'd like to install but the way its looking any more than half a dozen renders it useless.