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    Nook Color Constantly Freezes + Other Problems

      Okay, I have had my Nook Color since 12/25/2011, and now my Nook Color is having constant freezing problems.

      1. The Nook Color constantly freezes whenever I try to do anything on it, and most of the time I have to restart.

      2. The Nook Color Web Browser will freeze completely after a view a couple of web pages, sometimes even when I am typing. Whenever this happens, I have to restart.

      3. Whenever I try to click on a book or any app except the music app, it will not load and freeze. I will have to restart when this happens.

      4. The music app works until I start listening to something. It will start, but then the app will go to black while the music is playing. I cannot change songs or change the volume. I will have to restart once this happens.


      These problems first started two weeks ago, but after a day, they all stopped once I left it off for 24 hours. Then last Thursday it started again, and I left it off for 24 hours, but it is still happening. I don't know what to do with this Nook Color now.

      Is there anything that can be done for it?

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          Have you done a soft reboot lately? Hold power button down; when popup appears that says "do you wantto power off", ignore it and keep holding the power button until the device shuts off. Wait 15 seconds, then turn it back on. See if that clears some of your issues. 


          Re: the stock browser -- try Dolphin browser (its free and used to be a lot faster.) 

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            Try what NookGardener says. It should work.


            Also get App Killer App and see if you have some apps running in the background which you haven't run. Get rid of them if they are there. They might be eating up all system resources and slowing things down.


            Dolphin is the best choice. There's also Puffin and Maxthon.

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              How do I get these internet browers and that Killer App? Are they on the Nook Shop?


              Thanks for the replies. I tried to do what you said, but my Nook Color is somehow completely dead. The battery is completely drained even though I just charged it to 100% yesterday, and I had it on for only a few minutes. I think the whole thing may be a battery problem. Any thoughts or solutions?

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                Nook color is about three years old.  It has frozen on black screen with "Read Forever".  Have tried holding power button for 20 sec with it plugged in, holding power button and N while plugged in, unplugging the battery and still no response except the black screen with "Read Forever".  Any other suggestions for this particular Nook other than trying to trade it in on a new one?  Thanks for your suggestions.

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                  Plug it into a WALL charger and leave it overnight.


                  After that, press and hold 'n' button and power button for 30 SECONDS. Not 20.

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                    Thanks for the help, NookGardener and 5ivedom. I finally got the chance to do a soft reboot, and it did allow me to read books again and stopped freezing in menus for the most part, but listening to music and surfing the internet just completely freezes the NC. I tried to download the Dolphin Browser and the Killer App, but the shop just freezes whenever I try to access it.

                    I contacted my local B&N, and they do not offer trade-in, and the sale for the Nook HD Tablet ends Sunday, so I will probably just get the Nook HD at the reduced price.

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                      Skava, that might be a good idea.


                      $149 for Nook HD is a very good price.


                      I think you can buy the app via website and send to your Nook from website.


                      From what you've written it definitely seems like some apps are running in the background and eating up your battery life.