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    Nook HD in Europe - Apps available to DL?

      I've seen many questions about using the Nook in Europe and the reason why it's not possible (yet) to purchase books, but ... I have a couple of further questions I haven't seen answered yet.

      My mother (in N. America) is considering buying 2 Nooks for the grandkids / my kids (in Germany).


      1. Is it possible to download free Apps and/or purchase Apps from the Google Play? If so, is it just limited to the local/german Google Play site, or can I download from the American/Canadian Google Play?


      2. Is it possible for my mother (in N. America) to purchase books for the grandkids and then the kids to load them on the Nook here in Europe?


      3. From what I've seen posted already, am I right in believing that I can purchase books on my desktop computer (and then transfer them) or is that not possible - because my desktop computer is also in Europe?


      Thanks for all, and any info. Cheers, Angus

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          There are 2 options for you.

          Your mother can purchase the HD's and register them to her B&N account, then send the devices to you. She can purchase the ebooks for you, and you can then download them wherever you are that Wi-fi is available,



          We have a daughter that lives in Ireland, and uses the nook there. Here is what we had to do to enable her to buy her own books from B&N in the USA. We registered the nook to her by purchasing a refillable credit card as the credit card number on file, and using her google email as the email address, but using our home address as the physical address of the credit card. She sends us the money to purchase egift cards for her account so the credit card on file is not depleted. If the ebooks from B&N are free, she can obtain them directly on her tablet in Ireland. If they are not, she emails us what she wants purchased, we log into her account on our computer and purchase them for her, then she downloads them to her tablet. 


          I can't help you with the Google apps, as our daughter does not have an HD...


          For question #3, I don't believe you can purchase them on your desktop computer in Europe.


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            Thanks, laurie and AlbionRose! I'm/we're getting closer to a decision :smileyhappy:


            Anyone know about DLing apps in Europe. I can't imagine that it wouldn't work, seeing as for the apps we'd be dealing with googleplay and not going through B&N ...


            I'm going to search through some of Swedereads posts now.

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              Yokel, I have sent you a Private Message (the small white envelope on top of the page).