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    So does Nook Press simply not work?

      It seems like Nook Press is just a horrible experience.


      When I try to upload ePubs, it will say they are uploaded in the messages but not let me see anything or edit anything with the editor and previewers. When I click the manuscript tab it acts like there isn't one uploaded at all.


      And my vendor account has been in review for more than two weeks!


      Any tips? Any advice? Am I wasting my time with Nook? Are they going under?

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          Nook Press sucks.  I still use Pubit when I can.  It's a shame too because nookpress could have been so much more if they actually took the time to listen to what people on here actually had to say.  Not to deter you.  But you will find the publishing aspect has zero support and we are forced to rely on the help of other publishers on here.  Which I appreciate, however, Barnes and Noble really could be a lot more if they paid attention to us.

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            The answer to the question "So does Nook Press simply not work?" depends on what it is intended to do.


            IF it is intended to promote the BandN ebook business, then yes, it "simply does not work."


            IF it is intended to get rid of the BandN ebook business, then no, it does work."


            A statement was published several weeks ago, that an offer to purchase BandN's business was being prepared, and that it would NOT include the ebook business. This being the situation, the ebook business part of BandN then becomes a serious obstacle to the selling of BandN. How to get rid of the obstacle? Wnen and if enough Indie authors get discouraged and leave, then the obstacle will be gone.Then the object of NOOK Press is to discourage and get rid of Indie authors. Are you discouraged? Are you thinking of going elsewhere? I am.


            It seems to me that the BandN management attempts to make customers and suppliers welcome at its brick and mortar stores. Then why not do the same, why do the reverse, with their online ebook business?


            I consider the above a hypothesis, the least reliable stage of scientific knbowledge. I have no way of knowing reliably why NOOK Press, with its serious ongoing problems, has replaced Pubit. But I will give BandN management credit for not being so dumb, as to introduce the NOOK Press problems by accident. And then fail tocorrect them. I just do NOT think they are that dumb.




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              Sales taking a nosedive at the advent of Nook Press seems to be a common complaint. It has also happened to me. I'm hoping it's a glitch in their system and that they will get it straightened out. I don't have much hope, though.