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    Unwelcome Mystery Spaces in the Text!

      Ok.  Everything is perfect, ready for me to put my book on sale.  Except, in the previews there are two places where I have about a third of a page blank in the middle of my text.  I have tried everything to eliminate the blank spaces.  I have "removed format" etc., and on and on, even eliminating all extra return strokes at the offending place, but to no avail.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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          Oh, this would make me have a hissy. The only thing I can think of is to go to top of the chapter. Check the spacing, I use 1.5 and then use the format painter and run it down the entire chapter. If it doesn't do it the first time, run it again. That has solved some gap problems for me, but I'm not sure if it will work. I read library books on my Nook and sometimes there are gaps between words at places.

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            eBook formatting is strange and takes a bit of getting used to.  What kind of file are you uploading?  epub or .doc?


            Do you have excessive "enter"s as line breaks?  If so, you should use the page break option instead(super easy to do).  You shouldn't have more than one line break through using the "enter" key anywhere in your document, or it can cause issues like that.


            I know that the PubIt! formatting guide says not to use page breaks, but I use them fine and it works out, so I think that's outdated info.

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              My file is .doc which I assume converts to .epub when I load it onto Pubit.


              I use "section breaks" rather than "page breaks" as per the instructions.  I have a few line spaces and never more than one in any spot, but they don't seem to be related to the problem, because I still have it when I take them out in the vicinity.


              Maybe I have a few "page breaks" that I missed, because that would explain it.  Except I already looked.  I'll look again.

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                So, I emailed Pubit and got a form letter back telling me to go to the support board here and also referring me to five or so huge companies for assistance.  One of them looked Chinese and another had branches in India.   My only problem is three half-page sized blank chunks.   And the fault is nowhere in my text.  In fact, the chunks float around as I tinker with them.

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                  E-mailing "support" never gets anything but a form reply with suggested outsorce contractors. I agree, they're shooting themselves in the foot.


                  The epub is intimidating at first. But, although laid out messily (with no line breaksbetween codes) it's pretty straigtforward. It just takes some getting used to.


                  I surely wish the process were simpler.



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                    I installed Sigil and converted my book file into filtered html, then brought it up in book view.  All my previous formatting had been stripped out, which means to fix three small things I have to reformat the entire novel.  Then I also have two more books to go.

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                      I figured out how to make it work without becoming an Epub Master.  I'll put section breaks before the imposed chunks of space and fit in PHOTOGRAPHS between the breaks and the last text. I experimented for four hours this evening and it works. My books are fiction, but I've always wanted to illustrate them with photos of non-fictional places to give more realism.  The photos will go with the cover art.  Here is the best reason I can think of to include illustrations.  Beat the impersonal corporate machine.  Improvise and adapt.

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                        Did you do this through Sigil or in your original .doc?

                        I hope it works.


                        Let us know. Maybe I'll start illustrating, too. :smileyhappy: