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    Ebook Question

      There is a new book coming out on October 28 by one of my favorite authors and in a series that I love. [Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation Series] I checked to see if this book would be released as an ebook at the same time and right now it just says hardcover edition.


      All the other books by this author and in the same series are on ebooks. Will the ebook format be released on the same day as the hardcover and if not how long would it normally take to get this book in ebook format if it is not? Is there a normal waiting period time or something? I have looked all over the internet and even at the publisher's website [Dutton] and didn't see anywhere about this book being released as an ebook. As the date nears, could it be possible that it could become a pre-order ebook? I could just order the book in hardcover format, but I would have serious nook withdrawals and it just wouldn't be the same.

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          Is the book you're looking for The Mischief of the Mistletoe


          In their "Click to Read It Now" box under that book, Amazon is showing "Tell the Publisher", which is their sign that the book isn't available for pre-order as an eBook.


          I'd write to the publisher to inquire when an epub version of the eBook will be available.

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            The Dutton/Gotham Fall 2010 catalog says on page 19: "Also available as an e-book". As always, it doesn't say when, but usually that means at about the same time.


            It's still a month and a half away, and pre-orders on e-books are squirrely. Chances are good that even if it were available for pre-order, the pre-order price would be outrageous.


            So my advice is to have patience and see what happens when October 28 rolls around.