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    The forums are a great place to get help. Just be nice and ask.

      I'm seeing thread after thread with the same complaint which tells me no one is reading the threads to see if there is a solution to their problems, they just want to rant. Most of us come here for help or to offer help to share and learn. But we ask when we need help and we ask nicely. Sometimes it's those who use the device who sometimes know more than CS about the actual use of the device, after all, we have used it, asked others when we needed help and applied different solutions to problems.


      But please....stop the rants and ask for help. You might even get answers that I might need but don't know I do yet. But ranting instead of asking does not get you the help you are ranting about, nor does it get you any sympathy from others. Be polite, ask nicely and we'll do our best to offer you the help you need.


      This particular update IS a significant upgrade to the device and though there are the usual kinks that need to be corrected, it has been the easiest update so far with the fewest problems. It's particularly hard for me to hear you ranting about your bookmarks (that can be imported just like on a PC) into whatever new browser you might decide on, when in previous updates, we've lost EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. So ranting about it? Not helpful. Ask for help instead, there are other solutions that might work better for you. Just note that the solution may not be what you think it should be, but hey..it's not a perfect world.


      If we can't help, or you think the solution should be better? take it to the nook issue thread and report it. That's where BN looks for things like that and this update has proven that they do listen and try to bring in things we ask for.


      I'm actually loving the update. Thank you BN!


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          Bumping this.


          Please be polite. The people who are answering your questions here are just Nook owners like you. They didn't cause the problem. They're just helping you.

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            How refreshing!  Thank you...I was just thinking the same thing.  Seems B&N can't win.  Before this update, people were moaning about the lack of the Google Playstore or a Kindle app or Zinio etc. (and of course,shouting that B&N doesn't listeten, while stamping their feet and threatening to go off and buy a Kindle or an iPad or a Nexus.)  Then B&N does listen, gives us all of the above, and now we have people complaining about having the things that B&N was told by customers thqt customers wanted.


            Maybe because, like you, I am primarily a reader, I love the update.  I can now take advantage of my library's magazine offereing through Zinio without having to re-boot with the N2A card.  I have a few ebooks published only in Kindle format; sometimes library books are more available in Kindle--again, I no longer have to re-boot to read them.  I'm not a big gamer, but if I were, wouldn't the GP store be to my advantage?  I understand the issues with the browser, and maybe it doesn't upset me a lot because I use the HD+ only for very casual browsing due to the awkwardness of the virtual keyboard.  And, yes, they should have kept an option to use the stock browser.  Nothing's perfect.  But this was a HUGE addition to the capability of my HD+. Even if one disagrees, throwing fits on a forum accomplishes nothing.

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                Thanks! As far as I can tell, other than the browser changing, most of the complaints are basically what we've come to expect in updates: the loss of data or having to reinstall something and still a lot less than in the past. Not enough to spend big bucks to buy a new device unless one has money to toss around, imho. The grass may always look greener on the other side, but it all comes with weeds. :smileyhappy:


                The pluses of Google Play Store far outweigh the minuses. Many of those Google apps can be disabled if people find them intrusive so other than chrome, I'm not finding a lot of minues and when I do, I have the ability to look for alternatives now and before I didn't. And that is what makes the update a winner for me.



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                Thank you compulsivereader for so elegantly putting it.

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                  Amen! Totally agree with everything you said. It's irritating to see so many negative threads but of course I don't have to read them. What really bothers me are when people come into a positive thread and turn it negative.
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                       Thanks for this thread.  I totally agree.  I've noticed all the ranting.  So far this update has been much less traumatic!  On the previous 2 updates I lost all my B&N content and wound up having to deregister and reregister and redownload and configure my HD+ all over again!   This time I only lost book marks,  and  I have some apps that I purchased that just will not run. Unfortunately the Google Play market version is incompatible so I can't load that version either. But overall I love having the Google Play and most of my Apps from Google Play available for Nook HD+.  I don't have to invest in an N2a card to use these apps now.


                          I especially like that I can read my Kindle books directly on my Nook as some of my favorite authors signed on the some of the Amazon Publishing programs where the new books they write are exclusive to Amazon Kindle for a couple of months and may or may not show up in epub.  I can use my Password storing program from Android and have the ability to update all copies with the sync program on my PC.


                        I have found if you ask nice the people posting here are quite willing to provide useful suggestions that most of the time will actually WORK!!  The customer service folks I've communicated with do not actually have Nooks so often they are using a script and have no clue what you are asking.



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                          Love this thread.


                          My absolute favorite out of the 'ranters' are the ones who think that if they write something in every thread they can find it'll get solved.




                          It's quite interesting to see, actually.


                          I never in a million years would have thought that people could find things to complain about EVEN AFTER getting Play Store.


                          Basically, B&N has written off half or more of the money it could have made from Nook HD and HD+ owners. So basically they're subsidizing the hardware for new owners for nothing.


                          And people are still complaining. It's crazy.