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    App won't work without WiFi

      Apologies if this issues has already been addressed elsewhere in the forum.  I'm about to take a long trip with two kids and no other adults, and unfortunately don't have time to search the archives.  Can someone please help me fix a problem with Apps? 


      My children love their Nooks, and all e-books have worked well regardless of WiFi availability.  Their favorite app, however, has limited, if any, functionality as soon as we are out of WiFi range.  (The app is "Where's My Water").  Is there anything we can do to make it more functional?  I'm guessing it *may* have to do with the Nook trying to access the next level of the game, but sometimes it won't even open up to the main menu.  As soon as we have WiFi, it works well again.


      It's going to be a LONG trip, so I really appreciate any help making the Nook's entertainment value stretch as far as possible!  Thank you!