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    Upgrade from a Nook Tablet to a Nook HD

      I'm considering purchasing a Nook HD.  Will I be able to access/load ALL the books and apps that I have on my Nook Tablet?

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          Books and magazines yes.  Apps have to be compatible.  its up to the vender to update the app.  For example scrabble still has not been upgraded to work on my HD+.  

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            Music manage,  is right. I have found most compatible.  I kept my NT, and purchased an HD+.  I have found that an excellent combination. If you have a android smartphone most of those apps are compatible as well with the HD+, but not the NT, unless rooted. 

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              ALL is a pretty inclusive word. And since we dont know what apps you have, I'ld be inclined to say Most will, but ALL will not.


              Agree w/ pat; NT and HD+ is a nice combo (tend to read more with NT these days.) Two apps that can think of that did not transfer over were Plants vs Zombies (its available in HD, just chose not to buy it again) and QuickOfficePro (was originally available, then pulled in Dec.) 


              HD+ was a nice option before, but with GP store added, its really nice.(There was only one app I wanted for my Hd, and now I have it!) Very happy!:smileyhappy:

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                I upgraded from the NT to the HD+ almost a year ago.  My main goal was to have a bigger screen resolution and a bigger screen as well.  I used my HD+ for everything, web navigation, entertainment, email, and reading.  I have approximately 300 books on my B&N account, and I use my new tablet as a reader everyday.  However, I must admit that reading from the NT was easier because of the size and the weight of the device.  I am quite happy with my HD+, however, reading from my NT was more pleasant. 


                Now that the HD+ has access to the GPS, my device has acquired more value for me.  Even though I am not an app "junkie" I appreciate the fact that having access to this service increases utility of my device. 

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                  FYI, there's a great video at Goodereader in "Thread: Nook HD VS Nook Tablet" (11-24-2012) that does a very informative, 16:58 minute, side-by-side comparison of the Nook Tablet and Nook HD.