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    Kids on HD

      My daughter just bought HDs for her 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter. She wants me to help set them up, but I've never done a profile other than for myself, so I'm a newbie in that area.


      If I understand it right, she would have the main profile on both devices and set up a Child Profile for each kid on their own device. I understand she can set what they can access and what they can do, but how does the avccount work? Would both devices be tied to the mother's B&N account, or can the kids have their own account on the website? I've seen a few posts that indicate that multiple profiles can cause some types of problems. Is that still true? What kind of problems might we expect? 


      My grandson wants mostly to read, and my granddaughter mostly wants to play games.


      Any advice and app suggestions you parents and grandparents out there can offer is greatly appreciated.

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          Using profiles will allow them to share the same account.  So any items purchased can be shared by all profiles on all devices or turned off in specific profiles.  The child profiles also allow for content filtering.  So, yes she would keep her main profile for admin purposes and that profile can be passowrd locked.  Changes can only be made from that main profile.


          Profiles are account wide, so any profiles created will show up on all devices attached to the account.


          You could set up separate accounts for each child, but then your daughter would have to "admin" on two devices, basically twice the work.  The previous example being the solution to that (profiles shared across devices.


          The only issues with profiles I have seen, or the majority of the issues anyways, are with the Google services.  The profile system was developed for Nook before Google Play came along and sometimes they don't play nicely with each other.  It doesn't seem to be affecting everybody though, so YMMV.  The one that you should keep in mind is that Profile child filters DO NOT affect the Play Store and mom should be aware of that.

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            Schwa, thank you for the cogent advice. I was unaware that the Profile did not affect GoPS, but it makes sense. But the admin Profile can restrict access to that app, can it not?