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    Modifying a default path in a NOOK HD+

      I have a NOOK HD+ and am very satisfied with it (usually).  I've been looking for a way to modify the default path for some of my apps.


      Specifically, I purchased the Essential Voice Recorder app from B&N and it seems to work fine.  The default path to save an audio message is /mnt/sdcard/EssentialVoiceRecorder/Recording 1.mp3.  I would like to change this to /mnt/sdcard/Voice Memos/Recording 1.mp3.  (Voice Menus is an existing folder in  the My Files Library).


      There are also other apps that would be more convenient to me if the default path was different.


      Also in the same category, I do not have a SD card installed in my device.  When I do install one will all of the files that stated /sdcard/ in their default path automatically move from the internal storage to the SD?


      I've found a wealth of information on this forum and thanks in advance for any info you can provide.